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Welcome to our website – the place for stylish hound attire! If you have a shivering whippet, Italian Greyhound, lurcher or greyhound, then you have come to the right place! 

I’m Debbie Humphreys and 15 years ago I welcomed Bruno, my shivering whippet into my life. It soon became clear that he would need a jumper – he hated the cold – and a raincoat – he wouldn’t go out in the rain! In 2010 I gave up making wedding dresses and turned my skilled hands to making dog clothes and over the years have helped many shivering hounds like Bruno, who sadly departed last year. 

I now run our business with the help of husband David, several skilled sewers & whippets George and Winnie from a 400 year old listed barn on a working farm in the Kent countryside. Our stylishly designed coats and jumpers are made with your hound in mind, tailored to fit their unique shape in a range of fabrics to suit most weather conditions, well, those that a hound will walk in!

My small team are as passionate about quality and service as I am, and many items are now kept in stock, but some are made to order taking up to 10 working days to make and dispatch but, to get a truly British hand made item of quality that your dog will love and enjoy wearing, the wait is worthwhile.

George and Winnie have taken over from Bruno and Frankie and ensure that nothing gets past the sampling stage unless it has their paw of approval. Our Fleece Jumpers are firm favourites as are our washable coats because George LOVES to roll in unspeakably smelly stuff! But whether you are a town or country dog there is something suitable for all.

We are passionate about BRITISH MADE and while we make all our attire, we don’t stretch to leather, so our collars are made by an artisan maker in Devon who hand crafts our super soft collars in a range of delicious colours.

Everything is made, packed and sent from Kent to all parts of the globe making HOUNDS & HUMANS happy every day!

So, please have a look around – there should be something for everyone and if you need advice, you can get in touch via Facebook or  Instagram  where I am found Monday – Friday having lively conversations with other hound lovers, or on the good old Dog And Bone – we are always happy to help!



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