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Welcome to our website – the place for stylish dog attire! If you have a shivering sight hound, then you have come to the right place! 

Established in 2010, Redhound for Dogs has built a reputation for providing top quality, stylish dog attire; offering a large range of products for whippets, inspired by Bruno, first and much loved whippet of owners Debbie & David Humphreys. We strive to achieve the best quality, fit and service for customers all around the world.

Bruno, our first, now sadly departed, whippet, taught us everything there is to know about the needs of these elegant, short haired dogs. Drawing on years of experience in ladies fashion, Debbie designs dog clothing that is tailored to fit your sight hound in a range of styles and fabrics that suit most weather conditions faced by hounds all around the world.

Based in a 400 year old listed barn on a working farm in the Kent countryside, we design and make a large range of stylish dog attire, coats for whippets and other sight hounds are our speciality. Fleeces, jumpers and collars are also amongst our best selling products.

Our hound collars are super soft and colourful and continue to be crafted by an artisan maker in Devon but most of our products are made within a few miles of The Kent Barn, and everything is quality checked before it leaves us. All of our products are British Made something we are super proud of and plan to keep this way!

Many of our most popular items are held in stock, but with such a big range of styles and colours sometimes we need to make as the order comes in, but we hope the wait is worthwhile to get a truly British hand made item of quality that you and your dog will enjoy.

So, have a look around – there should be something for everyone and should you need advice, you can get in touch via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or on the good old Dog And Bone – we are always happy to help!



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