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Welcome to our website – the place for stylish hound attire! If you have a shivering whippet, Italian Greyhound, lurcher or greyhound, then you have come to the right place! 

I’m Debbie Humphreys and 15 years ago I welcomed Bruno, my shivering whippet into my life. It soon became clear that he would need a jumper and a coat – he hated the cold and wouldn’t go out in the rain! In 2010 I gave up making wedding dresses and turned my skilled hands to making dog clothes and over the years have helped many shivering hounds like Bruno, who sadly departed last year. 

We are passionate about being BRITISH MADE and work with a small team of skilled ladies to produce our quality products that you and your dog will love and enjoy wearing. Combining style and practicality. All products are hound tested by resident whippets George and Winnie.

Everything is made, packed and sent from Kent to all parts of the globe making HOUNDS & HUMANS happy every day!