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A guide to Whippet Coats
A guide to Waterproof Whippet Raincoats

Meet the Stripe Terry Tee for Whippets

The perfect light layer
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About Redhound for Dogs

Welcome to our website - the place for stylish hound attire! If you have a shivering whippet, Italian Greyhound, lurcher or greyhound, then you have come to the right place!

I'm Debbie Humphreys and 18 years ago I welcomed Bruno, a shivering whippet into my life. It soon became clear that he would need a jumper and a coat - he hated the cold and wouldn't go out in the rain! I gave up making wedding dresses and turned my skilled hands to making dog clothes, now specialising in whippets.

We are passionate about being BRITISH MADE and work with a small team of skilled ladies to produce our quality products that you and your dog will love. Husband David, aka Mr Redhound  has supported me all the way, and is a valuable member of the team, not only looking after the money, but also training to be a Cutter.

Everything is made, packed and sent from Kent to all parts of the globe making HOUNDS & HUMANS happy every day! Combining style and practicality. All products are hound tested by resident whippets George and Winnie.

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Whippet Tees

Meet our newest range of Whippet Tees
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