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  1. Will I get my order before Christmas?

    Christmas tunes are being played on the radio, signs for Christmas trees are popping up everywhere and the supermarkets have offers on all the big tins of chocolates! It can only mean one thing, it has got to that time of year again when we literally are counting the days to the last posting dates! … Read More →

  2. 5 Essential Commands to teach your Dog

    George started training classes on Monday, and I have been thinking about what would be the 5 Essential Commands to teach your Dog. I am in no way an expert and I’m not a trainer, but these are the 5 that I believe to be the most essential from my 14 years of experience of having … Read More →

  3. 5 Puppy Purchases that I love

    It’s been a long time since I’ve had a puppy in my life, 14 years to be precise. When I got Bruno in 2003, I really didn’t know what he needed apart from a comfy bed, some toys and good food. The internet wasn’t what it is now and there certainly wasn’t the choice of … Read More →