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  1. 5 Ways a Dog will enrich your Life

    Dogs improve our lives in so many ways, but here are my Top 5 ways a Dog will enrich your Life.  1 – Having a dog gets you out When you let a dog into your life, you commit to exercising it – every day. Obvious to you, as you are reading this blog, but I … Read More →

  2. Tales from my sewing machine

    Its National Sewing Machine Day today so I thought you might like to hear some tales from my sewing machine over the last 40 odd years….. Year: 1977   Sewing Machine: My mum’s Jones Domestic Here she is again sewing another cotton three tiered skirt that are so fashionable at the moment; they must be, she’s … Read More →

  3. How to cope when your dog is in season

    Having just got through a frantic 10 days I thought I would share some tips with you for How to cope when your dog is in season.  Female dogs come into season between 9 and 12 months and can last between 2-4 weeks. Opinions are divided as to the best time to spay your female … Read More →