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  1. A few tips to make camping with dogs successful

    We have just returned from our first trip in our tent and Winnie & George and I have learnt a few tips to make camping with dogs successful which I hope you will find useful if you are planning to do the same this summer. When Frankie and Bruno were young we took them camping … Read More →

  2. Four go Camping in the Cotswolds

    Through the power of social media you will probably know that we have just returned from our very first camping trip with Winnie & George, our 1 year old whippets. So, what else would I write about today but our adventures of Four go Camping in the Cotswolds!  We decided this year that we would venture … Read More →

  3. 10 Frozen treats to Delight your Dog

    We all love our dogs and put their happiness and wellbeing at the heart of our day. The hot weather we are experiencing here in England this summer is lovely, but for dogs it can be really challenging. Dogs don’t sweat like humans, and can get over heated very quickly, sometimes leading to heat stroke, … Read More →