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We've had a fantastic summer here in the UK, and whilst us British do love to moan about the weather, in general I think we've all enjoyed the dry, sunny days. But all this heat comes with a few challenges for us and our dogs, so with this in mind I wanted to share my top 5 Great Summer Products.

1 - Soothing Skin Salve

I have been an online friend of Keri from The Dog & I for a while now, and we met at our Happy Hound Day in April. I have several of her wonderful, natural products and a couple of months ago when one of my scamps had a scratch or two, Keri sent me a tin of her Soothing Skin Salve. I have used and used this wonderful stuff. I have used it on scrapes and cuts on both George and Winnie, and the healing effect is amazing. It smells delicious with a mix of Comfrey and Rosemary oils. It also works on stings and insect bites. Walking dogs in shorts it's inevitable that I will come home having brushed past the nasty sting of nettles, a dab or two of this salve takes the sting away super fast.

2 - Pet Corrector Spray

Strictly speaking this isn't just a summer essential, it's an all year round essential. If you don't carry this in your dog walking bag, I cannot recommend it enough. Frankie was attacked 3 times in her life, and I lost confidence meeting any dog I did not know on our walks. A dog behaviourist suggested I get hold of some Pet Corrector to warn off unwanted dog behaviour. Luckily I had very few occasions to use it, but I don't feel safe without it. Yesterday 2 very large dogs ran over a mile to get back to Winnie - they are entire and she still smells good to them - they were out of control, mine were getting scared and I used the pet corrector - it emits a loud spray of air, and this was enough to distract them away from mine so we could get out of the park giving me a chance to call the owner, who actually appeared soon after, very tired from running after his dogs. I don't want my dogs to be scared of other dogs and episodes like this really don't help, but I controlled the situation and kept mine safe.

I'm not saying it will work on all bad dog behaviour, but that loud spray sound is usually enough to distract a dog if a situation is about to turn nasty. It is also helping Winnie with her training when she gets a bit too excited and G just wants some peace! At up to £8.99 it might seem expensive but it's a fantastic investment that you won't regret buying.

3 - Dry Shampoo - for when you can't bath your dog

It might be just around our way, but in the summer months there seems to be more disgusting things for dogs to roll in! Ranging from a juicy pile of fresh fox poo, to some rotting dead animal, the results are very smelly!! So, for that reason I have a bottle of dry shampoo in my car - it will neutralize and get rid of the worst smells because no one wants a smelly car! I have a bottle at work, and one at home - covering all bases - it gets packed when we go away as well. This one is from Pets at Home, but there are lots on the market.

4 - Shampoo & Soap for bathtime

So, we have established that in the summer there are more smelly things that your dog will find it impossible to resist rolling in, and whilst the dry shampoo is a useful tempory fix, for those times when you can pop your dog in the bath a good soap or shampoo is essential. Over the years I have tried lots of products but lately my favouites are Dog & I natural lavender soap, and Animology Fox Poo Shampoo - both work brilliantly, they are gentle on your hound, lather up and most importantly get rid of the stench!!

5 - Cotton Scarves/Bandanas

I don't honestly think we could have got through these long hot days without our Seasalt Sailor Squares! The lightweight cotton is ideal to soak in cold water, before placing around there necks - tied in jaunty way of course - and they are the instant cool down accessory. They wash really well & look stylish too! They come in a range of bright colours and at just £4.99 how can anyone say no! Personally I think George & Winnie should be Seasalt Pet Ambassadors!

Many favour a cotton bandana, but where do you start to choose, there are so many on the market, but for under a fiver I doubt you will get a better option.

So, I hope that I've introduced you to some products you didn't know about, and that you will love them as much as I do. Now, I'm off to enjoy what is left of the summer!

Debbie x

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