5 Occasions your Whippet will benefit from a Tee Shirt

Second only to our fleece jumpers our tee shirts are a popular choice for whippet owners – all made with soft stretch cotton jersey and organic cotton for our Breton Stripe range.

Practical, stylish and now available with long legs here are 5 occasions your whippet will benefit from wearing a tee shirt. Legless, short or long legged the choice is yours and they are fun to layer up too.

Between season weather

When the seasons change the morning and evening walks can be chilly to a skinny whippet and a cotton tee provides the perfect light layer to keep that core warm, allowing your dog to sniff or zoom and stay comfortable.

Outdoor Dining

We all love to cling onto summer and if the sun is shining, we're dining alfresco, but while it might be warm when you arrive in the beer garden, as soon as the sun goes down it will be cold. Packing a tee shirt in your bag that you can whip out and put on your dog will allow them to settle without the ‘I’m cold, you need to take me home immediately’ attitude.

Protection from grass allergies

If your whippet is prone to those sore red pimples that come up after a run in the long grass, our long leg tees can provide protection from the seeds that cause them, especially around the inner top leg area which is particularly delicate.

Useful for front body injury protection

If your dog has an injury on the front body or legs, a soft cotton tee is an alternative to the much hated cone, to stop licking which will risk infection and prolong recovery. More comfortable for the dog and washable.

A warm layer at night

With the world facing rising energy prices many of us will be turning down the thermostat as well as reaching for the layers ourselves. If you live in a house that gets chilly at night your whippet will wake up cold, even if you have tucked them up, most are proper fidgets, and being cold is miserable. Any of our whippet tee shirts make great PJ’s for cold nights, designed with enough ease for snoozing and zooming.

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Debbie x

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