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It’s Valentine’s Day today and I thought I would chat about the 7 Things that make George Happy! After all, he is the new man in my life & my main purpose in life is to facilitate his happiness on a daily basis!

It doesn’t really matter what time of day it is, food always makes George happy! He loves his Guru for breakfast and his raw meat for supper - venison is his favourite, followed by duck - I am basing this solely on the speed he devours the meal, even though he has a slow feeder to stop him inhaling every last scrap! George has recently been unwell & his diet currently consists of cooked turkey & rice - he has adapted to this new regime without complaint! His diet might be under review when we get the results of his tests.

And treats, well where do I begin - he loves them all! There are so many amazing natural, dog treats on the market now, but I think his absolute favourite would be his Liver Treats with added beetroot, echinacea and organic rooibos infusion, by The Dog Treat Company. A few years ago I wouldn’t have believed such a product would be available! He also loves Sprats, dried venison sausage and veggie chews.

Daily Walks and Meeting friends
George loves a good walk! And so do we. Mr Redhound and I are lucky that we can walk him together 4 days a week, and we try to vary his walks so that it is never boring for him or us. He loves a good run, sniff and life is never better than when we meet one of his best friends. The thing that makes him most happy is to find a willing victim to chase him - he can always out run them which usually leads to frustration for the other dog!

We keep special walks for the weekend which often involve a visit to a dog friendly establishment, cafe or pub, where George is made a fuss of which makes him very happy! Walking with your dog is proven to be uplifting for both of you, helping with your wellbeing and bonding.

Playing with his toys
Our Dog Toy Boxes are pretty full - he has one at home & one at work! George loves them all, some more than others. The loudest ones are the most fun! Especially the purple piggy who makes a rather deep sounding squeak, mildly better than the very high pitched sheep that he has! His favourite toy is his owl, a gift when he was very small, he has eaten off a wing, and it has been stitched up several times, but this is the one that he uses for comfort, and is often found in his bed with it in his mouth! Sweet!

His Charley Chau Bed
I could write a whole blog about this bed, it really is the best dog bed I have ever seen and George loves it! If I am working at home he will have me move it from one room to another so that he can sleep comfortbly! No other bed will do!
When the crate sleeping failed - he howled all night for 2 whole weeks at which point we gave in. He had slept soundly in his crate from the first night we got him, but after a spell in the vets he decided it wasn’t for him. However in this bed he sleeps soundly all night long.

Morning Bed Cuddles
I know! There will be some who say, What! You allow your dog in your bed? Well, yes, we do! Only after he has been out in the morning though, he doen’t try and get in during the night - because he is tucked up in his lovey bed. Once his paws have been wiped David opens the door and he charges upstairs and launches himself onto our bed and under the covers! He used to take the time to say hello, I love you and I missed you, but not anymore! Straight under the covers now! He often stays there until I expose him when I want to make the bed!

Receiving his monthly Paw Post Box
We get this box of goodies at the beginning of the month and George gets very excited - he knows it will be full of great things, edible and playable! For around £20 per month it delights me too! The quality of the goods they include is brilliant and it introduces me to some lovely new products every month. Once he has checked out the edibles he will play with the new toy like it is the first toy he ever owned!

Quite simply, we are his world, dogs are not our whole world, but we are theirs. It’s quite easy to forget this fact. In fact in his short life so far we have barely left him, mostly due to the fact that we are able to be with him all the time. He comes to work with me every day and is rarely left alone. We mostly holiday in the UK so George can be with us and we plan to introduce him to the joys of camping this summer when we dust off our tent. We are also looking into getting his pet passport so we might venture across the channel. One thing that I know is that when we are all together we are all happy!



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