Stylish Whippet Coats, Tees, Jumpers and Raincoats

Our mission is to keep the whippets of the world warm, dry and happy! View our range of whippet coats, tees, jumpers and raincoats.

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A guide to Whippet Clothing
A guide to Whippet Coats
A guide to Waterproof Whippet Raincoats

Meet the Stripe Terry Tee for Whippets

The perfect light layer
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About Redhound for Dogs

Welcome to our website - the place for stylish hound attire! If you have a shivering whippet, Italian Greyhound, lurcher or greyhound, then you have come to the right place!

I'm Debbie Humphreys and 18 years ago I welcomed Bruno, a shivering whippet into my life. It soon became clear that he would need a jumper and a coat - he hated the cold and wouldn't go out in the rain! I gave up making wedding dresses and turned my skilled hands to making dog clothes, now specialising in whippets.

We are passionate about being BRITISH MADE and work with a small team of skilled ladies to produce our quality products that you and your dog will love. Husband David, aka Mr Redhound  has supported me all the way, and is a valuable member of the team, not only looking after the money, but also training to be a Cutter.

Everything is made, packed and sent from Kent to all parts of the globe making HOUNDS & HUMANS happy every day! Combining style and practicality. All products are hound tested by resident whippets George and Winnie.

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Latest Blog Posts 

Losing One Whippet and Getting Another

Whippets are at the centre of everything we do at Redhound, and sometimes that means sharing the sad times too.

Rascal’s story is a sad one but a tale I feel worth sharing. I asked his owners Sara and Martin to tell his story for you. You might need a box of tissues and a large cuppa for this one.

Firework Fears - 6 tips to help your dog with Niki French

If you have a dog that is nervous and scared of fireworks, don’t despair, there are lots of things you can do to help.

5 Expert Tips for Happy and Healthy Hounds

Expert Tips for Happy and Healthy Hounds, to help them live free from health issues and pain.

5 Occasions your Whippet will benefit from a Tee Shirt

Second only to our fleece jumpers our tee shirts are a popular choice for whippet owners – all made with soft stretch cotton jersey and organic cotton for our Breton […]

Fleas, ticks and worms – natural prevention

Fleas, ticks and worms – routinely ‘controlled’ by chemicals, but is there a natural way to prevent your dog getting them in the first place? There’s no doubt these pests […]

Salbutamol Toxicity in Dogs

If you have an inquisitive dog who likes to chew and play with everything they find, an asthma inhaler will be a lot of fun to them. BUT being pressurised if punctured will release at great force the liquid drug contained within giving your dog a huge dose that can quickly lead to vomiting, lethargy, racing heart and panting.

Whippet Tees

Meet our newest range of Whippet Tees
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How to Measure your Greyhound or Whippet
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