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5 Expert Tips for Happy and Healthy Hounds

Expert Tips for Happy and Healthy Hounds, to help them live free from health issues and pain.

5 Occasions your Whippet will benefit from a Tee Shirt

Second only to our fleece jumpers our tee shirts are a popular choice for whippet owners – all made with soft stretch cotton jersey and organic cotton for our Breton […]

Fleas, ticks and worms – natural prevention

Fleas, ticks and worms – routinely ‘controlled’ by chemicals, but is there a natural way to prevent your dog getting them in the first place? There’s no doubt these pests […]

Salbutamol Toxicity in Dogs

If you have an inquisitive dog who likes to chew and play with everything they find, an asthma inhaler will be a lot of fun to them. BUT being pressurised if punctured will release at great force the liquid drug contained within giving your dog a huge dose that can quickly lead to vomiting, lethargy, racing heart and panting.

Training Tips (Part Three): Puppy 9-12 Months

PHEW! You’ve got through to 9 months with your puppy, you’ve got the Recall down to a fine art, got through the chewing phase, nailed the separation and got them […]

Sustainability & Redhound

What does sustainability mean to a business like Redhound for Dogs?

Solving your Whippet's Wardrobe Woes: The Essentials

With so much choice out there now it can be a daunting task choosing what your whippet needs. I want to help you purchase with intention, items your dog will […]

Training Tips (Part Two): Puppy 6-9 Months

With so many of you welcoming a new whippet pup into their homes I thought it a good time to have a chat about training. Now, I’m an experienced owner […]

Do Whippets Need Coats?

1 - Do Whippets NEED coats? My opinion - YES they DO – when the weather requires it, a whippet, a breed with thin fur and little fat on their […]

Solving your Whippet's Wardrobe Woes: The Basics

With so much choice out there now it can be a daunting task choosing what you need for your whippet. Maybe your puppy is now an adult and you are […]

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How to Measure your Greyhound or Whippet
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