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  1. Knitting for Galgos

    When Bruno died last year I lost all interest in knitting. It’s odd really as you might think I would have grabbed the opportunity to actually knit something for myself for once, but no. It seemed that I lost my desire to knit when I lost my boy. I tried to knit George a jumper … Read More →

  2. How we have dealt with George’s sensitive tummy

    George our whippet is just 9 months old and in his short life he has had 3 episodes of sickness and diarrhoea. I thought you might like to know how we have dealt with George’s sensitive tummy. He was only 5 months old when he had the first episode which started with vomiting and progressed … Read More →

  3. 5 Great Things about Crufts

    Many of you will know that two weeks ago we left George with our friends for the first time and headed towards the NEC in Birmingham to set up for our 2nd year at Crufts. We were in a new Hall with a space twice that of last year. The van was huge and packed … Read More →

  4. You Paid How Much?!!!

    We live in a world of disposable goods, discount shops & online offers. Now, we all love a bargain, and I am the first into a charity shop, but I personally think that ‘cheap’ is a false economy. I believe quality wins the day & works out better value in the in the long run, … Read More →

  5. 7 Things that make George Happy!

    It’s Valentine’s Day today and I thought I would chat about the 7 Things that make George Happy! After all, he is the new man in my life & my main purpose in life is to facilitate his happiness on a daily basis! Food! It doesn’t really matter what time of day it is, food … Read More →

  6. Wearing Redhound Photo Competition for Crufts 2018

    Crufts will soon be upon us and we have a BIG stand booked with a 4 metre wall at the back and I started thinking that’s a lot of white wall to do something with! Then the epiphany came to me while I was suffering the 4am insomnia that plagues me when I have lots … Read More →

  7. Why Rescue Dogs are Special

    If I had to sum up Why Rescue Dogs are Special it would be this: they never take your love for granted. That was our experience with Frankie for the 13 years we had her in our lives. Taken into a police station by the family that had her as a pup, given up because ‘she … Read More →

  8. The Perfect Dog Friendly Weekend

    It’s traditional in January to be bombarded with adverts for holidays. It is also the time of year that I wonder what it must be like to have a ‘normal’ job where you can take annual leave and have a holiday!! Being self employed there never seems to be a ‘good’ time to take a … Read More →

  9. 2017 – Wow What a Year you have been!

      I am writing this on Boxing Day evening after a hectic few days of last minute shopping, visiting friends and family, eating too much and taking George for long walks. With a glass on mulled wine at my side I am thinking 2017 – Wow What a Year you have been! Here it is … Read More →

  10. Will I get my order before Christmas?

    Christmas tunes are being played on the radio, signs for Christmas trees are popping up everywhere and the supermarkets have offers on all the big tins of chocolates! It can only mean one thing, it has got to that time of year again when we literally are counting the days to the last posting dates! … Read More →