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  1. Crufts – A visitors guide

    Crufts – the busiest dog show in the World – hosted in 5 halls at the NEC Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. If you haven’t been before, or even if you have, I thought I would share a few of my tip tips on how to actually enjoy and get the most out of your visit. … Read More →

  2. Black Friday – Why it’s not for us

    November, I have a love/hate relationship with this month. Always our busiest month of the year but with that comes long hours, perpetual tiredness and a not inconsiderable dollop of stress that I won’t be able to get all the orders out on time. At this time of year it’s not unusual for me to … Read More →

  3. The Ladies Coats – all you need to know

    I haven’t always made dog coats you know! Some of you might know that I used to make wedding dresses and special occasion wear but the arrival of a shivering whippet (Bruno) gave me the incentive to give that up and make dog clothes instead. Now, don’t get me wrong I don’t miss it at … Read More →

  4. How do I know my whippet has a corn?

    George in his short life has had several trips to the vet, one as an emergency on a snowy night when he had the beginning of Giardia. Then we had the spider bite, but that’s a topic for another post! The latest trip was due to intermittent lameness. This was on his left front leg … Read More →

  5. Why I choose friends and not professionals

    Coming from a background in fashion – the heady days of the 1980’s working in the London fashion business for high end cat walk designers, taught me one thing – being a model is not a glamorous life. It is a life of self-sacrifice – to keep to the tiny size that is required you … Read More →

  6. What shall I feed my whippet?

    When you decide to share your life with a whippet there are some things you really should know – they feel the cold, hate the rain AND they will thrive on a good quality dog food – if they can’t get their paws on your food that is! I am often asked ‘what shall I … Read More →

  7. Subscription Boxes – why would you?

    So much has changed since I brought my first whippet home over 16 years ago. Even in the last 3 years I have seen an explosion of items on offer for your beloved four-legged companion that just weren’t even thought of 10 years ago. The internet has largely fuelled this choice and for that I … Read More →

  8. 5 reasons why our clothes won’t fit your dog

    Are you an in between size? Do you find a pair of Marks & Spencer jeans in size 12 the perfect fit, yet when you pop into Zara for a pair of jeans you need a 14 – when it comes to sizing ladies clothes are all over the place and dog clothes are no … Read More →

  9. Support a Small Business Christmas Gift Guide

    Over the last 8 years, since I started Redhound, I have been lucky enough to meet the talented people behind some amazing small businesses. Some I have met at shows, some online. Many are dog related – we seem to gravitate to each other!  I am not going to lie, I do buy from bigger brands, … Read More →

  10. Black Friday & Why it’s not for us

    The clock on my car dash says 19.40. I’m just arriving home having left Mr Redhound at The Barn finishing off the admin on a huge online retail order (more about that soon). By 9pm dinner is done, then we are onto emails and more admin. We crawl into bed at 11 to be fresh … Read More →