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  1. The Ladies Coats – all you need to know

    I haven’t always made dog coats you know! Some of you might know that I used to make wedding dresses and special occasion wear but the arrival of a shivering whippet (Bruno) gave me the incentive to give that up and make dog clothes instead. Now, don’t get me wrong I don’t miss it at … Read More →

  2. How do I know my whippet has a corn?

    George in his short life has had several trips to the vet, one as an emergency on a snowy night when he had the beginning of Giardia. Then we had the spider bite, but that’s a topic for another post! The latest trip was due to intermittent lameness. This was on his left front leg … Read More →

  3. Why I choose friends and not professionals

    Coming from a background in fashion – the heady days of the 1980’s working in the London fashion business for high end cat walk designers, taught me one thing – being a model is not a glamorous life. It is a life of self-sacrifice – to keep to the tiny size that is required you … Read More →

  4. What shall I feed my whippet?

    When you decide to share your life with a whippet there are some things you really should know – they feel the cold, hate the rain AND they will thrive on a good quality dog food – if they can’t get their paws on your food that is! I am often asked ‘what shall I … Read More →

  5. Subscription Boxes – why would you?

    So much has changed since I brought my first whippet home over 16 years ago. Even in the last 3 years I have seen an explosion of items on offer for your beloved four-legged companion that just weren’t even thought of 10 years ago. The internet has largely fuelled this choice and for that I … Read More →

  6. 5 reasons why our clothes won’t fit your dog

    Are you an in between size? Do you find a pair of Marks & Spencer jeans in size 12 the perfect fit, yet when you pop into Zara for a pair of jeans you need a 14 – when it comes to sizing ladies clothes are all over the place and dog clothes are no … Read More →

  7. Support a Small Business Christmas Gift Guide

    Over the last 8 years, since I started Redhound, I have been lucky enough to meet the talented people behind some amazing small businesses. Some I have met at shows, some online. Many are dog related – we seem to gravitate to each other!  I am not going to lie, I do buy from bigger brands, … Read More →

  8. Black Friday & Why it’s not for us

    The clock on my car dash says 19.40. I’m just arriving home having left Mr Redhound at The Barn finishing off the admin on a huge online retail order (more about that soon). By 9pm dinner is done, then we are onto emails and more admin. We crawl into bed at 11 to be fresh … Read More →

  9. When will I get my order?

    When will I get my order?  This is one of our most frequently asked questions, and understandably a very important one.  So, I thought I would take you behind the scenes and explain what happens when you place an order with us, and why you might wait longer for some items. It’s Sunday evening, you … Read More →

  10. Knitting for Galgos Auction – my pick of the bids

    Well, what an exciting weekend it was! The auction page went live on Facebook at midnight on Friday and ran until 9am Monday morning with bidding consistent throughout the weekend. I had rather stupidly organised to do our Autumn Happy Hound Day on Sunday so I had to pack up the car and travel over … Read More →