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You Paid How Much?!!!

We live in a world of disposable goods, discount shops & online offers. Now, we all love a bargain, and I am the first into a charity shop, but I […]

7 Things that make George Happy!

It’s Valentine’s Day today and I thought I would chat about the 7 Things that make George Happy! After all, he is the new man in my life & my […]

Wearing Redhound Photo Competition for Crufts 2018

Crufts will soon be upon us and we have a BIG stand booked with a 4 metre wall at the back and I started thinking that’s a lot of white […]

Why Rescue Dogs are Special

If I had to sum up Why Rescue Dogs are Special it would be this: they never take your love for granted. That was our experience with Frankie for the 13 […]

The Perfect Dog Friendly Weekend

It's traditional in January to be bombarded with adverts for holidays. It is also the time of year that I wonder what it must be like to have a 'normal' […]

2017 - Wow What a Year you have been!

I am writing this on Boxing Day evening after a hectic few days of last minute shopping, visiting friends and family, eating too much and taking George for long walks. […]

Will I get my order before Christmas?

Christmas tunes are being played on the radio, signs for Christmas trees are popping up everywhere and the supermarkets have offers on all the big tins of chocolates! It can […]

5 Essential Commands to teach your Dog

George started training classes on Monday, and I have been thinking about what would be the 5 Essential Commands to teach your Dog. I am in no way an expert and […]

5 Puppy Purchases that I love

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a puppy in my life, 14 years to be precise. When I got Bruno in 2003, I really didn’t know what he […]

Sausage Dog Sunday - The Long and Short of it!

About 6 years ago on a trip to Bradford on Avon I discovered a great little pet boutique called Fetch. 'Now, this would be an ideal stockist' I thought so […]

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