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Will I get my order before Christmas?

Christmas tunes are being played on the radio, signs for Christmas trees are popping up everywhere and the supermarkets have offers on all the big tins of chocolates! It can […]

5 Essential Commands to teach your Dog

George started training classes on Monday, and I have been thinking about what would be the 5 Essential Commands to teach your Dog. I am in no way an expert and […]

5 Puppy Purchases that I love

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a puppy in my life, 14 years to be precise. When I got Bruno in 2003, I really didn’t know what he […]

What size Fleece Jumper do I need?

A few years ago I asked on my Facebook page 'what other products would you like me to make?' and many of you suggested a snood to keep your dogs […]

Why are dogs so important to humans?

Having had our two whippets Frankie and Bruno for over 14 years, losing them both within 3 months of each other, and welcoming George (another whippet – well, what else! […]

Why Integrity is Important

Today I want to talk about integrity in business. A quality that is very important to me, one I have always had for myself, my suppliers and my customers. I […]

What will my whippet need?

Getting a puppy is an exciting time. If you have chosen a whippet it is most likely because you know someone with one who has waxed lyrical about the virtues […]

How to Cope with the Grief

Letting dogs into our lives is setting ourselves up for grief at some point - right? So, the easiest way to avoid this is to never let them into our […]

The Slowing Pace of a Senior

Dogs are good for our health. This is a proven fact but I don’t have to tell you that! They make us happy in so many ways, providing companionship so […]

From Bridalwear to Dogwear!

As a child Valerie Singleton of Blue Peter was my absolute hero and I made everything that she demonstrated as I watched on our black and white TV! But my […]

How to Measure your Greyhound or Whippet
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