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  1. Knitting for Galgos Auction – my pick of the bids

    Well, what an exciting weekend it was! The auction page went live on Facebook at midnight on Friday and ran until 9am Monday morning with bidding consistent throughout the weekend. I had rather stupidly organised to do our Autumn Happy Hound Day on Sunday so I had to pack up the car and travel over … Read More →

  2. Knitting for Galgos Auction – my pick of the lots

    Today is International Day of Charity so I thought it might be a good day to share my Pick of the Lots of our Knitting for Galgos Charity Auction to raise money for the dogs and amazing people at Galgos del Sol. Just in case you didn’t know about my ‘little project’ that grew into … Read More →

  3. Knitting for Galgos

    When Bruno died last year I lost all interest in knitting. It’s odd really as you might think I would have grabbed the opportunity to actually knit something for myself for once, but no. It seemed that I lost my desire to knit when I lost my boy. I tried to knit George a jumper … Read More →