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Training Tips (Part Two): Puppy 6-9 Months

With so many of you welcoming a new whippet pup into their homes I thought it a good time to have a chat about training. Now, I’m an experienced owner […]
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New Whippet Owners - 10 Things Your Research Hasn't Told You

New Whippet Owners - 10 Things Your Research Hasn't Told you...

You’ve done your research, you’ve found a suitable breeder and you have a date for your pups arrival, but, what has your research NOT told you about this lovable, affectionate, […]
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What Collar?

. One of the first big purchases you’ll make for your hound is a collar, but the big question is…. What style is right for you and your dog? With […]
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5 Great Summer Products

We've had a fantastic summer here in the UK, and whilst us British do love to moan about the weather, in general I think we've all enjoyed the dry, sunny […]
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You Paid How Much?!!!

We live in a world of disposable goods, discount shops & online offers. Now, we all love a bargain, and I am the first into a charity shop, but I […]
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5 Puppy Purchases that I love

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a puppy in my life, 14 years to be precise. When I got Bruno in 2003, I really didn’t know what he […]
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A guide to Whippet Clothing
A guide to Whippet Coats
A guide to Waterproof Whippet Raincoats
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