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  1. A few tips to make camping with dogs successful

    We have just returned from our first trip in our tent and Winnie & George and I have learnt a few tips to make camping with dogs successful which I hope you will find useful if you are planning to do the same this summer. When Frankie and Bruno were young we took them camping … Read More →

  2. Four go Camping in the Cotswolds

    Through the power of social media you will probably know that we have just returned from our very first camping trip with Winnie & George, our 1 year old whippets. So, what else would I write about today but our adventures of Four go Camping in the Cotswolds!  We decided this year that we would venture … Read More →

  3. The Perfect Dog Friendly Weekend

    It’s traditional in January to be bombarded with adverts for holidays. It is also the time of year that I wonder what it must be like to have a ‘normal’ job where you can take annual leave and have a holiday!! Being self employed there never seems to be a ‘good’ time to take a … Read More →