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Rascal & Oslo. Losing One Whippet and Getting Another. Redhound for Dogs

Losing One Whippet and Getting Another

Whippets are at the centre of everything we do at Redhound, and sometimes that means sharing the sad times too. Rascal’s story is a sad one but a tale I feel worth sharing. I asked his owners Sara and Martin to tell his story for you. You might need a box of tissues and a large cuppa for this one.
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5 Expert Tips for Happy and Healthy Hounds

Expert Tips for Happy and Healthy Hounds, to help them live free from health issues and pain.
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Fleas, ticks and worms – natural prevention

Fleas, ticks and worms – routinely ‘controlled’ by chemicals, but is there a natural way to prevent your dog getting them in the first place? There’s no doubt these pests […]
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Salbutamol Toxicity in Dogs

Salbutamol Toxicity in Dogs

If you have an inquisitive dog who likes to chew and play with everything they find, an asthma inhaler will be a lot of fun to them. BUT being pressurised if punctured will release at great force the liquid drug contained within giving your dog a huge dose that can quickly lead to vomiting, lethargy, racing heart and panting.
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Natural Supplements; how and why to use them for your hound's health

There are a few key things we all know our dogs require like a complete and nutritious diet, a soft and supportive bed, a stylish and practical collar that can […]
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How do I know my whippet has a corn?

George in his short life has had several trips to the vet, one as an emergency on a snowy night when he had the beginning of Giardia. Then we had […]
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What shall I feed my whippet?

When you decide to share your life with a whippet there are some things you really should know – they feel the cold, hate the rain AND they will thrive […]
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How to cope when your dog is in season

Having just got through a frantic 10 days I thought I would share some tips with you for How to cope when your dog is in season.  Female dogs come […]
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How we have dealt with George's sensitive tummy

George our whippet is just 9 months old and in his short life he has had 3 episodes of sickness and diarrhoea. I thought you might like to know how […]
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7 Things that make George Happy!

It’s Valentine’s Day today and I thought I would chat about the 7 Things that make George Happy! After all, he is the new man in my life & my […]
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