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  1. 5 Ways a Dog will enrich your Life

    Dogs improve our lives in so many ways, but here are my Top 5 ways a Dog will enrich your Life.  1 – Having a dog gets you out When you let a dog into your life, you commit to exercising it – every day. Obvious to you, as you are reading this blog, but I … Read More →

  2. 7 Things that make George Happy!

    It’s Valentine’s Day today and I thought I would chat about the 7 Things that make George Happy! After all, he is the new man in my life & my main purpose in life is to facilitate his happiness on a daily basis! Food! It doesn’t really matter what time of day it is, food … Read More →

  3. Why are dogs so important to humans?

    blog post

    Having had our two whippets Frankie and Bruno for over 14 years, losing them both within 3 months of each other, and welcoming George (another whippet – well, what else! ) into our lives just last weekend I have pondered the reason Why are dogs so important to humans? It is thought that the relationship … Read More →

  4. A Tribute to Bruno

    My life changed in 2003. I had a dream job, my own wedding dress business which I had run for 15 years with my best friend. I didn’t have a partner in my life and I was ready to meet someone special, but I was resigned to a life as a singleton. I decided that … Read More →