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Do Whippets Need Coats?

Do Whippets Need Coats?

My opinion - YES they DO – when the weather requires it, a whippet, a breed with thin fur and little fat on their bodies, will need a coat or jumper when it is cold.

1 - Do Whippets NEED coats?

My opinion - YES they DO – when the weather requires it, a whippet, a breed with thin fur and little fat on their bodies, will need a coat or jumper when it is cold.

2 - How cold is too cold for a whippet?

This depends on your dog’s age and activity level. A young active whippet will likely be happy to go out on a sunny winter day around 12 degrees but an older one who likes a sniff and plod will get chilly and will be happier with an extra layer.

3 - How do I know if my whippet is cold?

They will SHIVER! Sit and stare at you and maybe whine. My gauge has always been the ears, if those expressive pointy ears are cold, then the coat goes on. Equally if mine are running around and panting, a quick check of the ears, if hot, the coat comes off.

Winnie wears a Fleece Gilet in Olive layered over a Cosee in Merlot

4 - Do whippets like cold weather?

With the appropriate layers of well fitted sighthound specific clothing then yes, I think most don’t mind cold weather, especially if they are out having fun with their loved ones. As whippets get older they might choose a warm bed over a walk on a cold day, which is more than acceptable. You will likely get ‘attitude’ from a whippet that isn’t dressed warmly enough, you have been warned!

George wears our Velour Whippet Jumper in Peacock

5 - How do I keep my whippet warm at night?

If you live in a house where the temperature drops at night, and your whippet is not under the covers with you, then I suggest a cotton tee shirt, cosy fleece or some prefer full on PJ’s. Whatever your dog is comfortable in, won’t get caught up in, or too hot in, is best. Blankets and a cosy snuggle bed are great investments when you have whippets.

6 - How do I keep my whippet warm in the winter?

LAYERS are the way to go! Don’t be afraid to pop a coat over a jumper, even add a snood to keep long necks and ears warm but don’t under dress your whippet. Let the clothing be appropriate to the weather, suitable rain wear if it is wet, warm wear if it is frosty. If you go down the layers route, you can take one off while your dog is active and pop it back on for the walk home.

Be Seen Hi-Viz Coat layered over a Fleece Jumper in Orange

7 - What clothes will my whippet need?

The basics are a warm, water-resistant coat and a couple of jumpers. You can layer them up for really cold days and wear them separately on warmer days. Choose items that you will get the maximum wear out of, giving best value for money.

If you are thinking about getting a whippet, puppy or rescue and are unfamiliar with the breed, I hope that this post has helped you understand their clothing requirements a little better than you did before so you can be prepared!

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