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Essential Whippet Wear PUPPY

Getting a whippet puppy is one of the most joyous times. They bring love and laughter into a home. But they do have needs that other dogs don’t.

Getting a whippet puppy is one of the most joyous times. They bring love and laughter into a home. But they do have needs that other dogs don’t so, for those who might have no experience with whippets, this rather long post is intended to help guide you through the clothing needs of your pup from 3 -12 months.

Please remember we are working on average sizes here and whippets do vary.

Summer Pups 3-6 months

If your puppy is joining you in the spring/summer time you probably won’t need very much in the way of clothing. However, we all know the weather can be inclement and there are a few items I think are useful.

.       A puppy collar - it's good to get your pup used to wearing a collar even if you intend to use a harness, by law they must have an id tag on when going outside the home. There are plenty of webbing collars available but be mindful that the collar needs to be light and not have heavy d-rings or buckles, those necks are delicate and you want pup to feel comfortable in a collar. We do a soft leather straight collar, ideal for Puppy's First Collar

.       A tee shirt is the ideal light layer for chilly evenings. You might be enjoying an evening by the bbq, or camping beside a fire. If it’s chilly enough for you to reach for a cardi then your pup will probably be feeling it too, unless they have found a lap to curl up on! Our Italian Greyhound size is a good fit for this age of whippet pup.

.        A cotton bandana – not just a fashion accessory, but a really handy item to cool them down when soaked in cold water. We love the bright and breezy selection from The Slumbering Hound and the light seaside themed square scarves from Seasalt.

.        Lightweight Coat – when your pup is this young their shape is not fully developed so, you can get away with a reasonably priced coat from your local pet shop. If you want to invest in a proper whippet coat, please be aware that pup will very soon grow out of it! And generally they won’t be going on long walks at this age and you will probably not choose to take them out in the rain anyway!

Winter Pups 3-6 months

Now, if you collect your pup in the late autumn, or during winter, you might have some issues with toilet training if you don’t have the right clothes! Whippets feel the cold and generally hate the rain!

.       A collar - as above.

.       You will need a fleece jumper or probably two. At this age our Italian Greyhound size is a good fit. You might be tempted to buy the bigger Small whippet size, but remember, puppy will only get the full benefit of a jumper that fits properly, one they can walk and play in. If it’s too big and baggy their legs can fall out and they are not the most coordinated of breeds at this age anyway! Plus those cold drafts will whip straight in! I think having a couple of jumpers is sensible so you don’t get caught out when one is in the wash!

.       A coat you can put over a jumper, or one that is warm on its own. Now, I know I’ve just said it’s wise not to spend a lot on your puppy’s first coat, but if you have a pup in the winter, you will need to have some kind of rain protection for toilet training if nothing else! You could look for one in a sale, or buy a second hand one. Maybe buy one that is a bit big that your pup will grow into and that way will get more wear out of. We often have our small size – which fits a 6-9 month whippet – in our sales, so it’s always worth keeping an eye out.

Summer pups 6-9 months

Your puppy is by now, too big for the first clothes you bought. From 6 months you will be doing longer walks with your pup and heavy summer showers might be an issue.

.          You will likely of had a lot of wear out of the tee shirt, so I would grade up a size – our next size is a small, but you might be tempted to get a Smedium or Medium, by now your pup will know the benefit of being warm and will have longer legs and a little more coordination, so having a bigger size might not be an issue, but I always suggest buying the right size at the time.

.         The whippet shape will now be developing and that puppy coat you bought with the straight back probably will look very silly and not give the coverage needed! So, now is a good time to invest in a better, sight hound shaped coat. I recommend one that is washable, and will roll up or fold up to go in a bag/rucksack for those times you are on adventures when the weather changes. Good choices from our range are, the Norwich – this will take you through to colder weather and can be layered over a tee shirt, or jumper. Or, if you want to invest in a Whip-it-Away Mac the small in these styles is a little longer than our other coats, so will probably fit for longer.

.           A proper whippet shaped collar. Up to 6 months your pup will be happy in a straight collar. By the age of 6 months their neck will be around the same size as an adult so investing in a lovely collar is now more sensible. You will have done some heal work training by now and likely letting your pup explore the world off lead more. Having a wide collar is a sensible option so they can’t easily slip it off. We have a range of soft leather collars but in the summer we like these hound print canvas collars with matching leads and those made by Brindle and Whyte.

Winter Pups 6-9 months

 Winter weather presents far more challenges for you and your pup when it comes to clothing. It will be cold, windy and wet in varying degrees depending which part of the world you live in, so having suitable, well fitting clothes is essential for this time of year.

.           At least 2 fleece jumpers in the next size up from those your dog will now have grown out of. You will know by now if you have one who likes to roll in smelly stuff this will no doubt have a bearing on the amount of jumpers you need! Both of ours are serial poo rollers so we need at least 3 each! You could mix up the sizes, maybe go for a couple of Small ones and one Smedium – if it is a little big it will be ideal for wearing around the house on those very cold days.

.           A decent hound coat. As you will need it more during the colder months it is worth making the investment. I still wouldn’t be going down the wax coat route, stick with a thicker washable coat – our Be Seen is a good choice – one that can be layered over jumpers or worn on its own. Choose something thicker, maybe find a fleece lined one, and if you are layering over jumpers you can get away with a bigger more adult size at this stage.

.          A sight hound shaped collar for all of the reasons above.

Summer Pup 9-12 months

If your pup is this age during the summer months you probably won’t need much but two items I strongly suggest are:

.          The tee shirt – for all the reasons you had it when pup was younger. It is such a useful item, packs up small, great for chilly evenings inside and out.

.           A lightweight coat such as the Whip-it-Away mac – by now your pup is pretty close to the full size, certainly in length, you will find that they start to fill out at this age but the general shape will likely be what you end up with size wise. So, now is the time to make that investment in a good quality coat that will see you through all those summer showers. It packs away into a handy bag that can slip into a rucksack for longer walks or onto your belt loop for shorter ones. Believe me; nobody wants to get caught out in the rain with a soggy whippet whose attitude will probably demand to be carried home!

Winter Pup 9-12 months  

 Winter months present more wardrobe challenges than the summer, and by this age your pup will be happy to go for longer walks, love to play with other dogs and possibly enjoy a good dig or roll around. I believe that clothing needs to be functional and stylish; your dog should be able to do all the things it wants to do in comfort while being protected whatever the weather.

So, there are two items I think will give lots of value to your pup in the winter at this age:

.           At least 2 jumpers – fleece is practical, warm and durable. If you haven’t already invested in ones that are designed with your whippet’s shape in mind, now is the time. Take advantage of our multi buy discounts - 10% off for 2 and 15% for 3 or more  – during the winter you will have mud to contend with so having a jumper that washes well is essential. Other jumper styles to consider are the Cosee and the Pet-Shirt 

.           Now is the time to invest in a decent coat. Maybe you have been eyeing up that wax coat – but be aware, they are not washable. If you have a clean pup who can be trusted not to get dirty this is a good choice. Otherwise, I suggest a coat like our Canterbury – half jumper, half coat, fleece lined, so easy to put on and warm to wear.

If you live in an area that is not lit at night, our Be Seen Hi Viz is a great choice, washable, fleece lined and with the reflective piping you will be seen by any oncoming traffic.

If you live in a relatively temperate climate the Chester might be a good choice, lightweight on top, but with a half fleece jumper built in, great for keeping the core warm.

If you can't decide what you need have a look at our Puppy Packs,  Basics Boxes and Essentials Boxes - all curated with a colour co-ordinated whippet wardrobe in mind.

Phew! Sorry it’s been a long one, but hopefully this has been useful, please get in touch if you have any questions on Instagram or via our Redhounders Facebook Group – if you haven’t joined please send a request, we’d love to see you in there.

Debbie x

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