All our products are hand made by a team of talent in our Kent studio

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Going Soon - Bargain Whippet Clothing

Products we are retiring, maybe the fabric has come to an end, or we needed space in the storeroom! It’s the place for a bargain too. 

Whippet tee shirt with popper front

A Breton whippet tee with a twist. The front fastening, roomy fit and rib trim make this tee shirt ideal for oldies with stiff legs. Comfortable and easy to get on and off. Made in our Kent studio by skilled hands.
£32.00 – £42.00

Stripe Terry Tee for Whippets

This whippet tee shirt is a versatile and practical addition to your whippet's wardrobe. Made from soft cotton, it’s ideal for summer evenings and camping trips. With three stripe colours and contrast trim, this tee is designed for comfort and style. Made in our Kent studio by skilled hands.
£31.00 – £39.00

Shoreditch Whippet Coat

This style is leaving the range so is now offered at 20% off! This stylish whippet coat is perfect for city or country walks. Made from soft and durable moleskin cotton, lined with washable wax cotton, it offers cold weather protection. The stylish long collar and tartan lining fabric add a touch of elegance.
£57.60 – £79.20

Hoxton Collarless Whippet Coat

This style is leaving the range so is now offered at 20% off! A moleskin whippet coat ideal for layering over a stylish jumper. Compliment the colours for protection on a cold and windy walk. Made from soft and durable moleskin cotton, lined in washable wax cotton.
£40.00 – £49.60

Fleece Jumper for Whippets - Guest Colours

These colours are leaving the range soon, grab one while you can! Designed to fit your whippets body it won't restrict movement at any speed. It’ll keep your shivering whippet warm when outdoors on cold days.
£28.00 – £44.00

Not sure what size to order?

We have put together guidance on how to correctly measure your dog.
Things you will need when measuring your hound:
A soft tape measure
Pen and paper
A standing and willing hound
Bribing treats
There are 2 measurements you need in order to decide what Redhound size is best to order:
LENGTH — This is easier with two people! With your whippet standing, head up – bribe with a treat – place the tape measure on the neck, where the collar sits and measure all along the spine to where the tail begins.
CHEST — Measure all around the body, behind the front legs where the chest is deepest.
It’s not essential, but it’s useful to know the weight of your whippet. Refer back to our Size Chart to confirm sizing.

Watch Along

You can find a host of helpful ‘How To’ videos here.
It’s so worth taking the time to get this right. We do accept returns that are in a resalable condition, but it’s best to avoid the cost and hassle of it if you can. If in doubt we are here to help, call us on 01622 297100, sometimes it’s just easier to chat it through with an expert.
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