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How to survive the summer with a heat seeking whippet

Top tips for sun seeking whippets to avoid sun damage and heatstroke

Whippets LOVE the sun!! They seek out the smallest ray in the winter and will lounge in full sun in the height of summer. But they have thin fur and often have bald patches which give no protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

There are things you can do to avoid the risk of sun damage, not just to the skin, but through heat stroke too. Read on for some practical ways you can survive the summer with a heat seeking whippet. 

Check the forecast and plan

It sounds obvious, but it’s easy to get caught out on a walk, you set off and it’s a comfortable temperature, then the sun comes out and it starts to get hotter, there’s no shade and you have a mile or more to walk back to the car. If you'd checked the forecast, you could time your walk better while it’s cooler and plan a route with plenty of shade. 

Invest in a pet-appropriate sun block

Even on overcast days, if your whippet has bald areas on the chest, belly, neck and legs, and also likes to lounge in the warm spot apply sunblock. The powdered ones are easy to apply and are less likely to be licked off. 

Take control of the time they spend in the sun

No matter how much they try to get into your sunny south facing garden, be strong, you know it’s too hot, they don’t. Keep them inside during the hottest part of the day. 

Walk in the cooler times

Even on the hottest of days in the UK, it’s still cooler early in the morning and later in the evening. Walking your whippet in these cooler times will be better for both of you. Keep a check on pavements, they heat up during the day and delicate paws can burn, if you can’t hold your hand on the surface for 5 seconds, it’s too hot. 

Use frozen treats for enrichment

To take your whippets mind off the fact that outside is out of bounds, have some frozen treats ready made to calm and enrich them indoors. Lick Mats, wobble toys, and frozen broths bones will help them forgive you! Purée up some of their food, mix up some fruit with yoghurt the possibilities are endless, with lots of ideas online for inspiration.

Choose appropriate clothing

A water-soaked bandana is one of the best ways to keep your whippet cool, those long necks are made for them. Keep the fabric light and natural, cotton or linen. 

For walks in the cooler parts of the day, a white tee shirt will help to reflect heat away from your whippet, but choose one in pure cotton remembering it won’t protect against UV rays and sunblock might still be needed. Tee shirts also give protection from insects and allergens like grass seeds. 

Take the shade with you

Pop up tents used for babies that block the harmful UV rays are a great investment, just big enough for a comfy bed and ideal for days out and holidays. They fold up easily into a bag and pop up when released from the bag. Good for beach trips or places with little shade. They don’t provide an excuse for your whippet to spend too long outside in the heat, but are useful for short periods of time. 

Make hydration tasty

Many whippets need coaxing to drink water and during the summer, it’s essential to keep them hydrated. Try something like rehydrated goat milk as a tasty alternative. Keep it cool in a flask, and offer it at regular intervals during the day. Broth can also be given as a tasty alternate to water. 

Remember - they don't need a walk every day

Don’t stress if in a hot spell you don’t get to walk your whippet as often as you might in cooler weather. They are a very adaptable breed, happy to lounge around, near to the ones they love. Like us, heat makes them slow down and they really don’t need a run every single day of the year. 

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