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Jump into Style: The Best Jumpers for Whippets

Keep your shivering hound warm and cosy, finding a jumper for all occasions in our guide to the best jumpers for whippets. Read on to discover our top whippet jumper styles to keep your hound wonderfully warm and comfy until the sun shines.

Find a jumper for all occasions in our guide to the best jumpers for whippets. Read on to discover our top whippet jumper styles to keep your hound wonderfully warm and comfy until the sun shines again.

Best fleece jumper for Whippets

There’s no doubt that fleece is one of the best fabrics for whippet jumpers. We use it for all our best-selling styles. It’s warm, practical and washes really well. Specifically designed for whippets, keeping their unique body shape in mind, our jumpers won’t restrict movement while out on adventures.

Our classic and recently improved roll neck design is a staple in 1000’s of whippet wardrobes all around the world. The fleece fabric is soft, thick and very warm. It'll keep your whippet dry in drizzle and layers brilliantly under many of our coats.

Best jumper with legs for Whippets

If you have a mud magnet our fleece jumper with long legs will be a game changer in wet wintry weather. Designed to fit your whippet in all the right places, without restriction at any speed. The front legs give protection from splash back as your hound channels the instinct to run. The mud simply washes out ready for the next adventure. This jumper can also be layered under our coats and raincoats on those really cold days.

Best jumper for senior Whippets

As whippets get older mobility can be a challenge. A roomier fitting jumper will be appreciated by any whippet who has difficulty lifting their legs into snug fitting jumpers. Our Gilet Jumper can be worn over a stretchy tee – no issues for oldies to get on and off – or if they still enjoy wearing one of our snug fitting jumpers, pop the gilet over the top for extra warmth.

This Gilet Jumper is also good for newly re-homed rescues who might be nervous of having a jumper put over their heads. The neck opening is wide, no long neck tunnel they may be scared to navigate.

Best Whippet puppy jumper

Training your winter whippet arrival is so much easier if they're not freezing cold while you’re standing outside desperately trying to get them to go to the toilet. Getting them used to wearing a jumper when young will pave the way for a less shivering future. Our Puppy’s First Fleeces are dispatched fast as we know how quick they grow!

There’s growing room up to 16 weeks – on average – so this fleece jumper is ideal for those first walks and outdoor adventures. When your pup grows out of it, you can sell or donate it on our Swap it or Sell it Saturdays in the Redhounders Facebook page.

Our Puppy Jumpers are sold individually or as part of our popular Puppy Packs ideal bought ahead of puppy’s arrival so they'll be fully kitted out as they grow in those first few months. We've included a tough eco toy to save your table legs from sharp puppy teeth.

Best waterproof jumper for Whippets

The Jura is a hybrid – a jumper with a soft shell fabric upper and warm fleece lining and belly. It combines the best of both worlds for active adult whippets who aren’t worried by a little rain when out exploring or zooming about with their pals.

The fleece lining is warm and protective of the chest and belly, the water resistant upper will keep the worst of a shower from soaking in. It’s a hard wearing, stylish alternative to a coat. Ideal for those who love a good run around, it also features a popper up collar.

Best Knitted Jumpers for Whippets

Are you a knitter? Do you know a keen knitter? If it’s the luxury of a hand knitted jumper you crave, then we have the whippet jumper knitting patterns for you in Dogs in Jumpers – our best-selling book of tried and tested styles to create a unique jumper that your whippet will love to strut about in.

Several styles are suitable for whippets graded from easy to difficult, with tips for how to customize patterns to your dog’s size.

How to measure your Whippet for a jumper

Getting the right fit is important for not just for the look, but comfort. You don’t want seams rubbing delicate legs or panels so long your boy gets the jumper wet when weeing. Our fleece jumpers are super stretchy and designed for a snug fit, but shouldn’t be too tight.

The most important measurements are: the back length, from the top of the spine at the neck end, to the top of the tail. Then the chest, all around the body, behind the front legs at the widest part. Then consider the weight. Use a soft tape measure, while your whippet is standing. Our measurement chart states a guide for the dog’s measurements, not those of the garment.

For more help, take a look at our sizing advice for whippet clothing here so you've got a better chance of ordering the right one avoiding the inconvenience of returns.

Do Whippets need jumpers?

Whippets have short hair and don’t carry excess body fat, making them susceptible to the cold and wind, thus benefiting from wearing a well fitted, breed specific jumper. They need the protection from cold and wet, looking stylish is an added bonus. Whippets also feel the cold of an unheated house, at night when the temperature drops and on days when it’s bright but the wind is biting. This blog helps owners choose a suitable jumper for their hound in the cold seasons, whatever their age.

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