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When Bruno died last year I lost all interest in knitting. It’s odd really as you might think I would have grabbed the opportunity to actually knit something for myself for once, but no. It seemed that I lost my desire to knit when I lost my boy.

I tried to knit George a jumper before Christmas thinking he will need it in the cold weather, but I just wasn’t loving it as I used to when I knitted for Bruno. Any knitter will tell you that unless you love it, you just can't do it - it should never feel like a chore.

In February I started thinking that if I knitted for a good cause and had some help I just might find my knitting mojo again. I decided to put a shout out on Facebook to see if there were any knitters who might like to knit some jumpers for greyhounds with me that we could donate to a charity next winter. I was mulling it over and jotting down ideas in my notebook, as I do with all new ideas, and then I saw a photo of Terance on my Facebook feed. Rescued by Galgos del Sol this poor boy had been so badly treated he had been found with one ear falling off. That day I decided to post this photo and these words on my page:

‘There doesn’t seem a day that goes by when I’m not reduced to tears having read about the latest case of cruelty bestowed upon yet another discarded Galgo. I will be sending a fleece jumper for Terrance, the latest rescue at Galgos del Sol & I have set up a direct debit for monthly donations, but I would dearly love to do more. 
I have been mulling over an idea to raise some money via an auction of jumpers, but I need some keen, dog loving knitters to help. I will provide patterns, yarn & even pay postage. 
If you think you can help please message me - feel free to share with any friends you know who might be able to help.’

I had the most amazing response - having thought I might get 2 or 3 knitters that post had 100 shares and reached  28,000 people! So, the Knitting for Galgos project was born - complete with its own Facebook page!

I now have over 70 talented ladies in my Army of Knitters merrily clicking away & the finished jumpers are coming in daily! There are younger new knitters and many who have been knitting for in excess of 40 years! That's an awful lot of talent! George gets to model some as they come in, and he is already building a fan base on the page!

I have truely been bowled over and humbled by the response to this project and it has given me my knitting mojo back – with bells on!! I am now on my third jumper and loving knitting again. I feel that I am sharing my passion with these amazing women and we are all knitting for a great cause – to raise funds for these poor neglected dogs in Spain.

As the project grows I think there will be enough funds to share between some of the less well known Galgo charities too. But what I really love is the cards and comments I get back with the jumpers and it seems that knitting for a purpose is the most common reason why some ladies have now picked up the needles again – just like me!

The serendipity of the project is wonderful too, I have the patterns, knitters have the will and customers want hand knitted jumpers! And we can all feel great about it because the funds are going to such a good cause.

So, I hear you ask, how can I get my hands on one of these amazing jumpers? Well, there will be an online auction in September when we team up with our friends at Whippet Up, who already raise funds for Galgos – so you have a few months to follow the progress and save a few pennies for the big day. Details of the date and duration will be confirmed in due course.

Remember – Knitters need Bidders to make this work so, we need you, our lovely customers to buy these jumpers when the time comes.

We will have many whippet and greyhound sized jumpers, made from my Redhound patterns and with so many knitters wanting to get involved we are now knitting some Dachshund/Italian Greyhound sized jumpers as well as some blankets and snoods.

You can keep up to date with progress on my new Knitting for Galgos facebook page, and I will post on my other social channels too. With the press interest I've had I think it might be hard to miss this great event in September!

On that note I am going to make the most of this lovely spring light and go home to do some more knitting!!

Debbie x





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