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National Whippet Day 2024


Help us celebrate

National Whippet Day

on February 19th

About National Whippet Day

National Whippet Day is a day for Whippet lovers to celebrate this charismatic and charming breed annually on February 19th.

I’m Debbie Humphreys from Redhound for Dogs and I created this day in memory of my first Whippet love Bruno, who came into my life 21 years ago and inspired our whippet attire lifestyle brand.

If you’ve ever known the love of a Whippet, you’ll know how adorable and addictive they can be. Loving and loyal, quiet and quirky, they make the best companions and are perfectly suited to life in the city or country.

It’s great to see the rise in popularity of Whippets following the pandemic with many Millennial pet parents recognizing what perfect pets they are leading to a huge online hound community. This popularity has inspired my new book, Life With a Whippet - Understanding Their Quirks and Needs for Harmonious Companionship - packed with useful advice, stories, amusing illustrations and information to prepare you for what it's really like to live with a whippet.

Life With a Whippet - launches on National Whippet Day 2024!

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Why I created National Whippet Day

Back in 2003 when I welcomed Bruno into my home, I really didn't have a clue about what life with this elegant, athletic and naughty puppy would mean to me. He soon showed me what was acceptable to him and what wasn't!

IN - Comfy beds and blankets, warm clothing, my full attention and company.

OUT - Being left alone, going outside in the cold and wet.

After many years designing and making whippet clothing, creating an engaging online community of whippet lovers and meeting many face to face, I decided it was high time a National Day was created to celebrate our favourite shivering, skinny, super photogenic dogs, February 19th was Bruno's birthday, so it seemed the ideal choice.

In the last 21 years we've shared our homes and hearts with four whippets, Bruno and Frankie left us in 2017 and we now pander to the whims of George and Winnie, who continue to inspire our range of stylish whippet wear.

National Whippet Day is for anyone who loves the breed and wants to celebrate them.

If you are considering one, Life With a Whippet is a great place to start!

#nationalwhippetday @redhoundfordogs 

Who is National Whippet Day for?

National Whippet Day is for whippet owners/addicts, rescue shelters, breeders, charities, trainers, dog friendly destinations, makers of whippet themed products, and anyone who loves this elegant breed.

With the popularity of social media in the last decade, this very photogenic breed has inspired an amazing whippet community online which often leads to actual face to face friendships being found through our dogs. Whippets are a sociable breed who love their owners and other whippets and we need a day to shout about it!

#nationalwhippetday @redhoundfordogs 

The whippet is not only photogenic it has been the muse of many makers and artists inspiring  incredible products with the whippet taking centre stage, this day is a day to share and shout out for these small businesses from bunting makers to potters.

A raft of dog friendly destinations welcome whippets who are generally quiet and well behaved in pubs, cafes and hotels. Clean dogs who settle well on a blanket or their owners lap. This day will give them a chance to shout about their services too.

Trainers - whippets are a very sensitive breed but also have a naughty streak - so those who understand their needs will no doubt get involved along with whippet rescue charities who need to raise funds to continue their good work.

And then there are the breeders, those who love whippets and dedicate their time to continuing healthy lines of this popular dog.

#nationalwhippetday @redhoundfordogs 



How to get involved in National Whippet Day

Here are some suggestions for activities you can enjoy on National Whippet Day.

  • Whippet owners - this is the day to  share photos of your dogs and flood the internet with pointy faces! Whether it's Twitter, Instagram or TicTok get online and show us your whippet! Make a Reel about what life with a whippet means to you.
  • Makers and Artists can create a limited edition product
  • Dog trainers who work with whippets could do some online training for new whippet parents
  • Charities and rescues might do a raffle or auction off donated items
  • If you’re a breeder why not do a live Q & A online
  • Dog friendly destinations - you could share the special touches you have to welcome sensitive dogs
  • Cafes - Offer FREE sausage for every whippet that comes through the door!
  • Online dog biscuit/cake makers - why not create some pointy face inspired products?

What we will be doing to celebrate in the lead up and on the day

Life With a Whippet - Launch Day of the NEW BOOK - a guide for those considering a whippet or those already addicted to them - 10% of sales on the day will be donated to Just Whippets Rescue

Sharing the hashtag like crazy with the enormous sighthound community so we can all join in the fun, sharing our stories, reasons why we love them so very much and this years theme - what does life with a whippet mean to you?

Charity Auction of our popular slogan blankets made from fabric that would otherwise be wasted and two bumper bundles of goodies for a great day out donated by The Dandy Dog Company

Encouraging makers and whippet friendly destinations to celebrate with special offers

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