Broadly speaking whippets fall into 3 main sizes; Small, Medium and Large. Unlike some breeds who have many variations within the breed.

But, don’t think this makes it easy to choose the right size for your whippet!

Buying online is something we are all used to now, but its best if we can choose the right size to avoid disappointment and returns, so, that’s why I’m here to get our sizes explained!

All sighthound clothing companies will vary from each other, but these are our sizes, please remember - you might be a different size in M&S to that of Seasalt and it’s the same for our whippets.

Firstly you need to measure your dog correctly:

Measuring your dog

Top tip: don’t measure your dog when sleeping and don’t use a metal tape measure! You will find out how measure effectively here

The two main measurements you will need are:

Length – along the spine from the neck where the collar sits, to just beyond the top of the tail.

Chest – around the body behind the front legs – the widest part

If you know the weight of your dog this will help guide you too.

Our Small size:

Usually girls and sometimes a cross of whippet and iggy. Weight 8-10 kgs.

Length 17-19"
Chest  20-21”

Fleece - choose small size.

Tees, hoodies, wrap collar fleeces – if your dog is on the smaller side of these measurements, choose small but if on the upper end choose the long length.

Coats – same as above

Macs and Canterbury Coats – choose small

Our Smedium size:

The smaller mediums if you see what I mean! Weight 11-12 kgs.

Length 20-22”
Chest  22-24”

Fleece – choose smedium

Tees, hoodies, wrap collar fleeces – select the long lengths if your dog is on the upper end of length

Coats – as above

Macs and Canterbury Coats – choose medium – the small will fit, but will probably look tight and ‘mean’ and you won’t have room for a jumper underneath the mac.

Our Medium size:

The bigger mediums – 13-15 kgs. This is the most ordered size because so many whippets fall into this category as adults.

Length 22-24”
Chest 24-26”

Fleece – choose medium

Tees, hoodies, wrap collar fleeces – select longer lengths if your dog is in the upper end of length

Coats – as above

Macs and Canterbury Coats – choose Medium – the large will likely swamp a medium sized dog and be too big in the chest and waist.

Our Large size:

Often adult boys or whippet crossed with something bigger! 15-18kgs

Length 24-26”
Chest 26-28”

Fleece – choose Large or extra large if your dogs chest is on the upper end

Tees, hoodies, wrap collar fleeces – select the longer length if your dog is in the upper end of length

Coats – as above

Macs and Canterbury coats – choose Large

What about the XL size?

Well, not generally needed for whippets, but if you have a cross that is around 18-20kgs this size in fleeces and tees should work. Coats – not so easy, sometimes a large will work but a small greyhound size might be needed if you like it long and the chest is quite deep – closer to 30” say.

And Puppies?

They will go through the sizes as they grow – as a general rule:

3-5 months – XS fleeces and coats
5-8 months – Small fleeces and coats
8-12 months – Smedium or Medium fleeces and coats
12 months plus – might get to a Large in both

The table below might help put all the information above into perspective:

What size should I order for my Whippet?
What size should I order for my Whippet?

Remember – our fleeces and tees are made from stretchy fabric and have some ease in them, this makes it possible for me to get a smedium on George but it is really tight. George can also fit a large but this is too long at the front leg and baggy in the chest so, there is a danger of rubbing his legs and drafts getting in!

How clothes fit your dog is a personal preference – I have designed each item to be a certain way, the fleece to be close fitting, the coats to follow their curves and the macs to be longer with maximum hind leg coverage. Generally they are shown on the website how they are supposed to fit, but if a jumper looks a little baggy in the chest, it’s not ideal and was probably because we didn’t have quite the right size to hand!

If you have an in between sized hound I would generally go to the bigger size, but you can always get in touch for more advice on this.

It doesn’t happen often but occasionally our sizes just don’t fit but they can be returned for a full refund if in a resalable condition – just trying on is fine, and please try not to scrunch it up for the return journey....

I hope this has helped but as always you can message me on Instagram or drop us an email if you are struggling.

Debbie x

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