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Wax CoatsThese coats are coated with wax, which is what gives them their waterproof quality, but as such they are not washable. We recommend that you simply give the coat a good brush down when it has dried out.
Quilted CoatsThese coats are washable on a 30 degree cycle, with a short spin, they will be dry in a jiffy!
Fleecy Jumpers and SnoodsWashable at 30 degrees – just the same as our quilted coats.
Dog Jumpers knitted from our kitsDonegal and British Wool – we recommend you treat these as you would your own special jumpers – hand wash, short spin and dry flat. It really is worth it for a long life and good service.
Hound collarsOur lovely soft leather collars will pick up a lovely patina over time, but for extra protection either rub in some leather wax or give them a spray with the same stuff you use on your suede shoes.
BandanasMachine washable on a 40 degree cycle.