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Breton Stripe Tee Shirt for Whippets


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This classic Breton whippet tee shirt is a great between season layer, perfect as pj's for lounging and sleeping while giving protection from seed allergies when out on adventures in the spring and summer. Made from Organic Cotton, knitted right here in England, it's super soft, stretchy and will machine wash a treat. So, if you're crazy about stripes, this is the tee for your hound with plenty of twinning opportunities! We also make this tee with long front legs and for the oldies a looser, popper up version.


  • Designed to fit your whippet in all the right places
  • Created by whippet wear specialists
  • Breathable fabric will avoid over heating
  • Our signature elastic belly panel minimises soiling for those with a bad aim
  • Comfortable to wear when walking, playing and zooming
  • Gives protection against allergens and insect bites
  • Available with our unique multi-buy discounts

Product Details

  • Available in 6 whippet sizes
  • Whippet Puppy to XL
  • 3 classic colours - Navy, Red and Beaujolais all teamed with Ecru
  • UK knitted organic cotton
  • Washable in non-bio at 30 degrees
  • Created in our Kent studio by skilled hands
  • Shipped worldwide
  • No fuss returns policy


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My dog struggles to get the second leg in, what should I do?

Size up. This fabric has a one way stretch rather than the two way stretch of our other long leg whippet tees.

How much of the back body does this tee cover?

Our Breton tee goes quite a long way down the back body, almost to the top of the tail.

Top Tip

If your dog suffers with grass seed allergies in the summer months, this tee is a good way to cover the exposed chest and belly area, those mostly affected by the allergy. It protects from most contact with grass while running around.

Style It Up

This whippet tee is an absolute classic and can be styled up with a cheerful collar or bandana in summer or popped under a raincoat for a shower.

The Navy looks really good with our Sunny Yellow Cardiff whippet raincoat

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