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Carlisle Whip-it-Away Mac with Harness Hole


Have you ever been walking your hound and caught out when those clouds you thought would blow over decide to deposit their watery load onto you? You will be all too aware of the attitude and misery your whippet will go through in this situation and it is for these very times that the Carlisle Whip-it-Away Mac has been designed.

Small enough to pack away into the bag provided so that it can be taken along on any walk when the weather looks inclement.

The Carlisle Whip-it-Away Mac is based on our Norfolk and Norwich Coats but has a flap to cover the hole to avoid water getting in.

If your dog does not wear a harness please, please take a look at the Cardiff Whip-it-Away Mac


Product Description

Do you like to go on long walks with your dog? Have you had days when the weather has caught you out, when you are on the wrong side of that 50% chance of a shower! You wish you had packed the whippet’s coat, you thought about it but it was a bit big for your bag or rucksack and decided to take a chance. Result - a wet and very unhappy dog!

The Carlisle Whip-it-Away Mac is here to help ensure that scenario never be repeated. Made from thin water-resistant fabric and lined in waterproof mesh fabric it has a hood that can be pulled over your dog's head securely with elastic and a toggle.

Take a look at our YouTube video to get tips on how the coat should fit, how it has been designed to fit over a harness and how the neck can be worn up or down: Carlisle Whip-it-Away Mac Demonstrationand How to Fold Away your Whip-it-Away Packable Mac

This coat is LONGER than our other coats, designed to cover more of the rear end for maximum dryness. It can be worn over our tee shirts.

The Carlisle Whip-it-Away Mac is ideal for long walks where the weather can change, holidays and camping trips.

This version of the Whip-it-Away Mac is designed to go over a harness and has a hole with a flap over to clip the lead to the harness. If you dog does not wear a harness you might want to look at our Cardiff Whip-it-Away Mac.

Features of this coat:

.           Made from water-resistant fabric

.           Lined in breathable waterproof fabric

.           Has a hole for the harness ring

.           Hood to cover the head

.           Elasticated belt that poppers shut for fast dressing

.           Made in Kent by skilled sewers

.           Packs away into a handy bag with clip

.           Longer length for maximum coverage

.           Fast Drying

.           Available in Sunny Yellow, Olive Green, Navy Blue or Dove Grey

.           All colours are lined in Black

.           Washable on a gentle 30-degree wash (use non-biological detergent)


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