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Chester Whippet Coat


On the Go Info

The Chester whippet raincoat provides a solution for walks in unpredictable weather. When there's a chance of rain and a nip in the air. The water resistant cotton upper will keep the your dog dry in light rain, or a shower and the fleece chest and belly panel not only keeps the coat in place, it protects delicate chests from mud splashes. The shaped hood with toggle ties will keep drips from going inside and the harness hole has a flap for non harness wearers. Take this coat on outdoor adventures, holidays, camping trips and round the block night time strolls. We pop ours on for late night toilet visits to the garden when it's raining. It's an ideal choice for active adults who don't mind a bit of light rain and love to have zoom around. This coat is made from shower-proof fabric, it is not 100% waterproof if out in heavy, persistent rain.


  • Designed to fit your whippet’s body in all the right places
  • Created by whippet wear specialists
  • Provides protection from wind and rain showers
  • Comfortable to wear without restriction
  • Shaped hood with elastic drawstring to keep out chills and rain drops
  • Ideal for harness wearing whippets
  • Can also be worn with a collar
  • Soft fleece chest panel means no strap required

Product Details

  • Available in sizes whippet sizes Small, Medium and Large
  • 6 stylish colours
  • 100% soft water-resistant cotton
  • Water-resistant breathable mesh lining
  • Fleece chest panel with signature elastic panel avoids pee accidents
  • Machine washable in non bio at 30 degrees
  • Easy to re-proof with wash in product
  • Dries quickly
  • Created and made in our Kent studio by skilled hands
  • Shipped worldwide
  • No fuss return policy


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How does this coat stay on without a strap?

The Chester coats have a built in chest panel with signature elastic channel to fit snug and avoid pee accidents. It goes on and off like a jumper.

How do I re-proof it?

We advise not to wash too often, mud, when dry, will brush off. In time the coat will benefit from a re-proof wash with a product like NikWax.

Will it keep my dog dry on really wet walks?

This coat is designed for showers and drizzle, not for persistent heavy rain.

Top Tip

Let it dry completely before folding and putting away, having brushed off any dry mud.  This will keep it fresh and lasting longer.

Style It Up

The Chester coats needs no more styling up than the addition of a coordinating collar and lead !

It can be worn with a long leg jumper or tee underneath on colder days, if your whippet is in the mid range of our sizing. If you want to layer this one up, and your whippet is at the top end of the size range, you might need to size up, especially for harness wearers.


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