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PLEASE be aware BEFORE placing your order: Lead times COATS - 7-14 days. All other items 5-10 days. Our small team, safely working within Covid guidelines, are hand making all our clothing products.

Chester Light Whip-it-Away Mac


Is it a coat or a pullover? Well, it is both!  A lightweight tee-shirt underneath and a coat on the top!

Simple to get on and off, and gives warmth and protection on the chest and belly while covering the whole back with a water resistant fabric to keep out light rain and wind. Easy to carry, it folds neatly away into its own carry bag with clip.


Product Description

Having two whippets to dress before every cold or wet walk I know only too well what is involved.

For some time I have wanted to design a coat that is also a jumper, something that slips over the head like a jumper but gives the coverage over the back like a coat – tah dah! The Chester coat and it’s cousin the Canterbury  were born.  But here, we are offering a lighter weight version, made with tee-shirt fabric underneath rather than the fleece in The Chester.  Being lightweight, it has the added advantage of being able to fold neatly away into its own carry bag, so we can proudly add it to our range of Whip-it-Away Macs.

It is ideal for those unpredictable inclement Spring and Autumn days for which Britain is so well known!

It’s easy to get on and off, just like a jumper, no need for fastening a belt.

Features include:

  • Hand crafted in our Kent workroom
  • Washable shower proof fabric upper
  • Tee Shirt lining, covering the chest
  • No strap to fasten
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Available in 4 lovely colours
  • Available in 3 whippet sizes
  • Folds neatly away into its own handy carry bag with clip.

Offered in our three whippet sizes; small, medium and large.

If you are looking for something other portable coats that you can tuck into a bag or clip onto a belt, take a look at our range of Whip-it-Away Macs. They fold away into their own pouch for those changeable weather days.  Available in three styles, this Chester Light, the Cardiff or the Carlisle with a harness-hole.

What size should I order for my Whippet?


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