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Dog Bandanas in Hound Print


These Dog Bandanas in Hound Print are ideal for your sight hound! We got very excited here when I found this lovely fabric, and teamed with our contrasting gingham, and circle print they look great on any long neck hound!



When I first saw this fabric I jumped up and down in excitement!! Our Dog Bandanas in Hound Print fabric are ideal for your long necked Sight Hounds. The hounds on the print sit elegantly to form a wonderful repeat pattern.

Available in Medium for Whippets and Large for Greyhounds.

Perfect for that run in the park or on the beach, and the red one will make your dog visible when he or she takes off at 30 mph into the distance! Also great on hot summer days soaked in cold water then put onto your hounds long neck to cool it down!

This Bandana is completely reversible and has  gingham with the red and blue and a bright fuchsia circles print to compliment the mauve.

Available in Red, Blue or Mauve

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