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Dogs In Jumpers Book: 12 Practical Knitting Projects


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New PAPERBACK Edition Would you love to knit your dog a stylish jumper? Does your dog hate the cold? Bruno, my first whippet did, inspiring me to write Dogs in Jumpers in 2015.  I am so happy to announce that he adorns the front cover of the NEW PAPERBACK version which is now available. So, if you are a keen dog loving knitter or a beginner, new to this fantastic craft, and want to knit something stylish to keep your dog warm, this book is for you! At just £9.99 it will make the perfect gift for anyone keen with the knitting needles and a stash of yarn just asking to be made up into something useful!

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  • Breed specific patterns
  • Multiple skill levels
  • Detailed, clear and concise instructions
  • Difficulty indicators
  • Yarn recommendations
  • Knitting tips and clear stitch explanations
  • Fun model fact files
  • High quality images of finished jumpers
  • The perfect gift for a dog loving knitter

Product Details

  • Paperback and easy to transport
  • Multiple sized patterns, from dachshund to greyhound
  • Priced under £10
  • Patterns protected by copyright
  • A comprehensive abbreviations section
  • Measurement guide


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I've got a whippet, is it worth buying this book?

Yes! There are 2 dedicated whippet patterns, but the dachshund ones will fit a puppy whippet too. Bruno's toasty twisted rib jumper has been knitted many times for our auctions, no one ever looks the same.

Can I make these patterns up to sell?

No, that would be breaching our copyright, something the publishers take very seriously. However, we love knitters to knit them up and donate them to their local charity or shelter.

Top Tip

Always have a notebook handy to mark off rows and stitch counts and always knit a tension square!

Measure you dog before you start, this will enable you to adapt the stitch count (for extra girth) or the length as you knit.

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