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Dogs in Jumpers – Notebook

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knitting notebookknitting notebook

This little book is now in our Stockroom HALF PRICE SALE!

When knitting I always have a notebook on the go to mark off rows – to avoid mistakes, to calculate any changes to the stitch count, or just to jot down any ideas I have while I click away!

Our Dogs in Jumpers Notebook is the perfect choice for any dog loving knitter out there, whether they are knitting a shivering dog a jumper or something for themselves to wear.


In the Top Tips section of our book, Dogs in Jumpers I suggest that you will need a notebook, so we have designed our Dogs in Jumpers Notebook!

It is A6 size, with a ring binding, and a protective clear cover front and back, it has plain pages so you can mark off your rows as you knit or draw ideas, or write your shopping list! It is a handy size for any knitting bag, or hand bag!

I know we live in a techno world, but I don’t think there is any substitute for writing things down on a physical piece of paper – and this is never more true than when I am knitting.

If you want a little gift for your friend, mum, sister, aunt, gran, who loves knitting and dogs this is perfect! Especially if you add one of our Dogs in Jumpers Coasters – just choose her favourite breed.