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Fleece Jumper for Whippets – Brights


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Available in five Bright Colours – Yellow, Orange, Royal, Red and Purple.

This Fleece Jumper for Whippets was inspired by customer demand for a longer version of our Fleece Snood and my beloved first whippet Bruno, who hated the cold and loved to be warm and snugly!

Our Fleece Jumpers for Whippets have super long necks that can be pulled over the ears on very cold days. They are the ideal item of clothing for your hound all year round! Perfect for cold nights, chilly walks, and camping trips!  This fleece jumper will keep your dog dry in drizzle, or light snow, but is not ‘waterproof’. It’s a great extra layer under many of our coats.

Available in 5 hound sizes – Italian Greyhound, Small, Smedium – a big small, Medium and Large Whippet. Here you will find the Bright colours. 

*** BUY 2 GET 10% OFF EACH *** BUY 3+ GET 15% OFF EACH ***


Our Fleece Jumper for Whippets is one of our best selling products, it is loved by whippets and their owners worldwide  because your whippet will be happy and warm when wearing it, it keeps your dog dry on a drizzly walks, it protects from some splash back when it’s muddy and you can throw it in the wash on a short 30 degree cycle and have it dry in time for the next walk!

Following on from the success of our Fleece Snood, we designed our Fleece Jumper for Whippets as customers were asking for a full length version, they wanted a washable jumper that would be perfect for cold walks, running around or snoozing in! Who doesn’t love an easy care item that can be washed and worn in the same day?!

Now we have George, a whippet who loves to run around getting wet and muddy, enjoying a roll in piles of smelly stuff, his fleece jumpers are the most used items in his wardrobe!

Available in 5 sizes, Italian GreyhoundWhippet – small, smedium, medium and large,  it is designed to fit the shape of their bodies, with an under panel that has an elasticated facing so that it can be stretched to go over their deep chests but then fits snugly into their slim tummies, avoiding any nasty chills getting in!

The long polo neck, when folded back is super thick to keep long slender necks cosy. When unfolded there is plenty to pull over cold ears!

Our Fleece Jumper for Whippets is available in so many colours that we have now split them into 3 categories for you – Brights, Darks and Lights

Our length measurement is from neck to end of fleece. Please note that it is not designed to come all the way to the top of the tail, but to fall short around 10cms (4″) of it.

The Italian Greyhound size is great for pure bred Iggy’s.

Whippet Small size is good for puppy whippets or whippets that are crossed with Italian Greyhounds.

Whippet Smedium size – a new size that is great for average sized whippets who have slim chests – like George!

Whippet Medium size is good for most small to medium sized whippets, who have deep chests.

Whippet Large size is good for larger whippets, and small lurchers.

Also note that the neck measurement will go bigger with the stretch in the fleece. 

Italian Greyhound Length  33cms (13″)  Neck  30cms (11″)  Chest  44-50cms (17″-20″)

Small Length 38cms (15″)  Neck  32cms (12 1/2″)  Chest  53-59cms (21″-23″)

Smedium Length 42cms (16 1/2″) Neck 35cms (14″) Chest 56-63cms (22″-25″)

Medium Length  42cms  (16 1/2″) Neck  40cms (15″)  Chest  63-70cms  (24″-26″)

Large Length 46cms (18″)  Neck 42cms  (16 1/2″) Chest 68-74cms (26″-29″)

Washable on a Wool Cycle at 30 degrees.

Please note that the fleece colour can vary slightly from that in the images

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