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Fleece Snood for Whippets - Darks


This super fleece snood for whippets will be on the top of every long necked hounds Wish List! Here you will find the Dark colours – Black, Navy, Plum, Charcoal and Teal.

Bruno was a very shivering whippet so we know only too well that they hate being cold but love to be warm and snugly! Our Fleece Snoods with super long necks that come over the ears are the ideal item of clothing for your whippet all year round! Perfect for cold nights, chilly walks, and camping trips!


Product Description

This super fleece snood for whippets will be on the top of every long necked hounds wish list!

We love this Fleece Snood for Whippets because it was designed with your hound in mind. I noticed that under our waterproof coats Bruno’s long neck was getting chilly and a bit wet on drizzly days so I designed this snood to be worn under our standard collar coat to keep his long neck dry and warm! It is designed like a half jumper so it won’t slip off during mad zoomies. Simply put it over your dogs head, and ease their front legs through the leg holes then put a coat over the top.

Our Cumbria Whippet Coat is specially designed to wear with our Fleece Snood or our Fleece Jumper for Whippets – which are now offered in a range of Light, Bright or Dark colours.

These warm snoods are ideal around the house on chilly days when tucked up in a cosy bed. The long polo neck is folded so super thick to keep those long slender necks warm and cosy. It is long enough to be pulled over cold ears either at night or on a cold walk.

They are available in a large range of colours – your problem will be making a choice!

We think that these combinations work particularly well together: Teal with Yellow coats, Plum with Mustard coats or Orange with Green coats, but you can be as adventurous as you like!

Our fleece fabric is super stretchy so is quite forgiving and these sizes are just a guide.

Please note that the fleece colour can vary slightly from that in the images.


What size should I order for my Whippet?


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