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GET the LOOK: Olive Yorkshire Coat with Red Fleece


Get the Look: Combine our Olive Yorkshire Washable Whippet Coat with a warm Fleece Jumper in Redfleece jumper for whippetssnood for whippetsquilted washable whippet coat


Designed with your hound’s shape in mind and with a classic collar. Why not perfect the country look by adding a touch of colour. Combine our Yorkshire Washable Whippet Coat in Olive with our red fleece jumper.


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Having young whippets that love to run and roll in all kinds of unspeakable stuff, and who love to go on manoeuvres in the woods has made me realise the value of a coat that I can chuck in the wash after the morning walk and have it dry and ready for the evening walk! If you have an active little whippet that lives life to the full, this could be the coat for you!

Weather turning colder? Or does your whippet really feel the cold? Combine the Yorkshire Coat with one of our bestselling Fleece Jumpers, which can also been worn alone on milder days or for lounging around the house.

Italian Greyhound – our sizing is for a pure and petite Italian Greyhound

Small – for petite whippets or perhaps crossed with an Italian Greyhound

Medium is an average whippet size – George wears a medium

Large is for the bigger whippets


Features of the Yorkshire Washable Whippet Coat

  • Made from washable quilted fabric with Teflon coated lining
  • Available in Small, Medium and Large Whippet sizes
  • Also in Italian Greyhound Size
  • Made in Kent by skilled sewers
  • Slips easily over your hounds head
  • Belt secured with brass D rings

Yorkshire Coat Measurements:

  • Italian Greyhound length 42cms, chest 46cms, strap 33-37cms
  • Small length 48cms, chest 50cms, strap 42-46cms
  • Medium length 56cms, chest 61cms, strap 48-52cms
  • Large length 60cms, chest 66cms, strap 54-58cms


Features of the Fleece Jumper for Whippets

  • Available in Small, Medium and Large Whippet sizes
  • Also in Italian Greyhound Size
  • Made in Kent by skilled sewers
  • Keeps your dog warm and dry
  • Wear alone or under Yorkshire Coat
  • Helps protect from splashback on muddy days
  • Easy care, washable at 30 degrees
  • Elasticated under panel to fit over deep chests, but fit snugly to slim tummies
  • Long polo neck – super thick when folded back to keep slender necks warm
  • Neck can be unfolded to pull over cold ears

Fleece Measurements (Please note: our length measurement is from neck to end of fleece. It is not designed to come all the way to the top of the tail, but to fall short around 10cms (4″) of it)

  • Italian Greyhound length  33cms, neck  30cms, chest  44-50cms
  • Small length 38cms, neck  32cms, chest  53-59cms
  • Medium length  42cms, neck  40cms, chest  63-70cms
  • Large length 46cms,  neck 42cms, chest 68-74cms

The Yorkshire coat is made to order and might take 7-10 working days to reach you but if you need it quick do give us a call and let us know. 



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