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Gilet Jumper for whippets


On the Go Info

Our Gilet Jumper can be effortlessly worn over a long leg tee or layered on top of our fleece jumpers - it looks really good over our Long Leg Fleece Jumpers for extra warmth on cold windy walks. Whatever your outdoor adventures, it will keep your whippet snug and stylish, think of it as a tank top to be worn over other layers. Contrast the colours or go monochrome.


  • Designed with your whippet in mind
  • Created by whippet wear specialists
  • Keeps out chills and made to last
  • The roomy fit won't restrict during walks, play or zooming
  • A great layer over our Long Leg Whippet Tees
  • Team it over any of our fleece jumpers
  • An easy jumper for older whippets to wear around the house

Product Details

  • Available in 6 whippet sizes
  • Whippet puppy to XL
  • 6 fashionable colours - Charcoal, Olive, Cinnamon, Orange, Teal and Claret
  • Washes like a dream and dries quickly
  • Created in our Kent studio by skilled hands
  • Shipped worldwide
  • No fuss return policy


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My whippet hates having a jumper put on, will this be better?

Yes. Some whippets don't like the long snood neck but this one has a wide opening and being a roomy fit it's easier to get on and off.

Will it keep my whippet dry if it rains?

Our fleece is not waterproof, but in a light shower or drizzle it will act as a barrier and keep your whippet dry. It's a dry weather garment and not suitable for heavy rain.

Top Tip

This fleece fabric is ideal for quick and hassle free cleaning. When it comes out of the washing machine pop it over a radiator to dry. It's a fabric that can be washed and washed but keep it at 30 degrees so it won't shrink.


Style It Up

This Gilet Jumper was designed to go over our Long Leg Whippet Tee but we love it over our fleece jumpers too.

Most of our colours go together so whether you choose to go Teal over Teal or Claret over Rose, mix it up and have fun.

The Gilet Jumper can be layered over several of our other garments:

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