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Hoodie Tee for Whippets


The Hoodie Tee has arrived, because why should a tee shirt be boring?

Made from soft cotton, these Hoodie Tees for Whippets are an ideal light layer, worn on their own or under one of our coats and would look great with our Richmond Coat, or Cumbria Coat.

The addition of stripe fabric in the hood adds real style with a little quirkiness to the navy and red – just perfect for the cheeky little long dog in your life. The grey fabric has a grid pattern inside the hood which looks great layered over the top!

Product Description

Available in 6 sizes, from Italian Greyhound to Extra Large, which is sort of small greyhound, galgo size and should fit a hound of around 20kgs.
This Hoodie Tee might be the perfect lounge wear for your hound, they certainly look more stylish on whippets than most humans! Great for lounging around or a sedate walk, if you have two that like to play bitey neck it might not be ideal! Likewise if your whippet likes to zoom about and you are concerned about the hood falling over the eyes, you might prefer our other One Colour Tees or our classic Stripe Tees.

Why would my whippet need a tee shirt?

• It is the perfect light layer for days when there is a nip in the air
• It will be comfortable for your hound to snooze in during the day
• It is ideal for long outdoor summer evenings, when the sun goes down
• It could also provide some protection against licking if your dog is injured

Made from very soft cotton, washable at 30 degrees, it easy to care for.

This Tee shirt has our unique elastic facing to ensure a snug fit into the slim tummy area and sports a lovely hood – mostly decorative but might keep ears warm on a chilly evening beside the bbq.

Please note, the tees in the photos are a little baggy on our stunning models. Some like this fit, I prefer mine to wear a closer fit, but if you find them tricky to get on and off having a little room in the chest is not a problem.

The sizing – our Tee shirts are designed to fall short of the top of the tail by around 10cms


All sighthound clothing companies will vary from each other, but this is our whippet size guide:

ITALIAN GREYHOUND (XS) - Chest 17-19in (43-48cm), Length 14-16in (35-40cm), Weight 5-7kg (11-15lbs)

SMALL WHIPPET - Chest 20-21in (50-53cm), Length 17-19in (43-48cm), Weight 8-10kg (17-22lbs)

SMEDIUM WHIPPET - Chest 22-24in (55-61cm), Length 20-21in (50-53cm), Weight 11-12kg (24-26lbs)

MEDIUM WHIPPET - Chest 24-26in (61-66cm), Length 22-24in (55-61cm), Weight 13-15kg (28-33lbs)

LARGE WHIPPET - Chest 26-28in (66-71cm), Length 24-26in (61-66cm), Weight 15-18kg (33-39lbs)

EXTRA LARGE WHIPPET - Chest 28-30in (71-76cm), Length 26-28in (66-71cm), Weight 18-20kg (39-44lbs)

The Italian Greyhound size is great for pure bred Iggy’s
Small is good for puppy whippets or those crossed with Italian Greyhounds
Smedium is good for a medium size who have slim chests
Medium is good for most medium sized whippets who have deep chests
Large is good for larger whippets, and small lurchers
Extra Large is good for whippet cross breeds, maybe whippet/saluki, or small galgos.

Redhound Whippet Size Chart

Redhound Whippet Size Chart


Redhound Guides

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