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Jura Whippet Jumper


On the Go Info

Meet the new and improved Jura Whippet Jumper. The first version of this jumper was a big hit but we wanted a fabric that had more water-resistance and soft shell was the answer. It’s a bonded fabric that water beads on as it runs off. When wearing the Jura jumper there’s no need to panic if the weather takes a turn for the worst while you’re out on adventures, the main part of your whippet’s body will stay dry. Plus it has the added fleece layer of lining. This whippet jumper combines the style, functionality and the durability you expect from Redhound. Washable fabrics ensure easy care, while its warmth keeps your agile hound cosy and comfortable when out on adventures. It’s ideal for active whippets who love a zoom or enthusiastic play with their pals. It won’t twist as a coat can during tussles. It’s a warm garment but can be layered over a tee, or depending on size, a long leg fleece for really cold days. The Jura is an essential choice for active whippet owners – ideal for long hikes and whippet meet ups. Choose from 3 stylish colour options: Black with Cinnamon, Blush with Claret and Teal with Duck Egg.  


  • Designed for active whippets
  • Water-resistant soft shell upper and fleece belly and lining
  • Comfortable without restricting movement
  • Protects from wind, rain and cold
  • Will keep your whippet dry in a shower or light rain
  • Created by Whippet Wear Specialists

Product Details

  • Available in 5 whippet sizes – small to XL
  • 3 colour options
  • Waterproof upper fabric
  • Easy care - washable at 30 degrees
  • Created and made in our Kent studio by skilled hands
  • Shipped worldwide
  • No fuss returns


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How do I get the Jura on and off my whippet?

For ease, put on before the collar - undo the poppers to allow a bigger space for your whippets head. Ease over the head, bring one leg through. Put your hand threw the other leg hole to bring the remaining leg through. Pull the Jura along the body.

Can I spot clean it if my dog has a roll?

If it's just mud, let it dry and brush it off. If it's a wet roll, clean off any excess then pop it in the washing machine.

Does water-resistant mean waterproof?

No, Soft Shell fabric has a resistant ability - water will bead on the fabric and run off. However this will only give a certain level of protection - it is not designed for prolonged, heavy rain.

Top Tip

Planning to layer up the Jura with a Jumper? Our advice is to size up if your jumpers are a snug fit. For example - if our Smedium jumpers are on the close fit side, size up the Jura to a medium. It might be a bit baggy when worn solo, but it will give you the choice to layer it on really cold days.

Style It Up

Our style suggestions are:

Teal - Wear it over a Duck Egg Long Leg Jumper 

Blush - Team it with a Latte Tee for an extra layer of warmth

Black - Add our Jaffa Collar for an extra flash of colour


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