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Life With a Whippet - Book


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Whippets are elegant, affectionate, athletic dogs who know how to turn heads. But what is the reality of living with a whippet? Are they demanding and mischievous? Do they shiver incessantly? Will they always chase after anything that moves? And just how much exercise do they need? Find out all the answers and much more in the pages of this lovely new book, written by Debbie Humphreys – founder of Redhound – whose obsession for whippets goes back to a childhood shared with an energetic, black whippet called Pitch. In 2003, Bruno a blue whippet, rekindled her love for the breed and our brand of clothing designed for these fast sofa loving hounds. “Whippets aren’t like other dogs” a comment frequently made by clients providing the lightbulb moment to share over 20 years of experience with whippets and 14 years in the pet industry. Life With a Whippet is a modern-day manual for sharing your life with a whippet and a wealth of knowledge for anyone considering a welcoming a whippet for the first time.

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  • Number 1 Amazon Best Seller
  • 10 easy to read chapters
  • Delightful illustrations throughout
  • Insights through life stages, Puppy to Senior
  • Advice for new puppy owners
  • Inspiration for experienced owners

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  • Paperback 22cms x 14cms
  • The ideal gift for anyone considering a whippet


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