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Long Leg Whippet Tee


On the Go Info

This soft cotton Long Leg Whippet Tee is wearable, practical and stylish. Perfect for lounging, layering and protecting from allergens and bites and great worn as pj's on chilly nights. It will be a wardrobe essential, one you'll take with you for days out, holidays, evening outings and summer adventures.


  • Designed with your whippet in mind
  • Created by whippet wear specialists
  • Soft fabric that's a joy to wear
  • Ideal as an extra layer under a coat or jumper
  • Comfortable to wear as pj's at night
  • Breathable cotton fabric allows for air flow
  • Gives protection from allergens and insect bites
  • Useful to cover upper body injuries

Product Details

  • Available in 6 whippet sizes
  • Puppy to XL
  • 3 lovely stripe colours
  • Soft cotton stretch jersey fabric
  • Washes like a dream at 30 degrees
  • Created in our Kent studio by skilled hands
  • Shipped worldwide
  • No fuss return policy


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How long will the puppy size fit?

Our smallest puppy whippet size will fit up to around 4 months, or until your whippet weighs 5-6kgs.

My whippet is a wriggler, how will I get it on and off?

The fabric is super soft and very stretchy, so, if you've selected the right size it should go on relatively easily. Bribe with some treats to focus your dog to be still while you pop it on.

Top Tip

Don't take this tee out in the rain, it's not waterproof and mud splashes will stain the fabric. Keep it for indoors or dry days.

Style It Up

This Long Leg Whippet Tee is perfect for styling up:

Wear it under our Gilet Jumpers for a cosy warm stroll - having layers means you can take one off before a zoom about.

It also works well under our fleece jumpers or Jura jumpers.


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