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Puppy Pack - Brights


Getting a whippet can be a bit of a shock. They aren’t like other dogs, they have special needs... Special clothing and comfort needs!

I discovered this when I got Bruno, my first whippet, 17 years ago. I had NO idea he would feel the cold and hate the rain so much and that he needed to be kept warm and dry when the weather was inclement! When we got George in 2017, I was much better prepared, by then Bruno had inspired a business that specialised in the needs of these lovely hounds.

So, if you have just welcomed a pup into your life and are unsure, or undecided what your pup will need, this Puppy Pack for you!

Product Description

We have put together the most essential items to get your pup through the first 6 months of life, all in one box! Items to keep your new companion warm, cosy and comfortable on those first intrepid days of stepping outside and sleeping alone at night.

All you have to do is decide on your favourite colour!

Each Puppy Pack includes:

  • A Fleece Jumper for those toilet training trips to the garden and first walks.
  • A Tee shirt to wear on chilly days, evenings out or lounging around at home
  • A cosy fleece blanket – ideal for snuggles on the sofa, keeping pup warm at night, it can even be used for training the basics, sit, stay, calm. It has a strap to carry out wherever you venture, allowing your pup to have a place to settle when you do.
  • Puppy’s first collar – our soft leather straight collars are ideal up to 6 months when the lead training is taking place, it will get them used to a collar even if you are using a harness and will hold the essential id tag.
  • Some treats to train with! Essential puppy bribery! These tasty treats won’t last long!
  • A hard wearing Eco dog toy – made from suede with jute filling, ideal for sharp puppy teeth to practice chewing.

The Brights Puppy Pack modelled by Ralph and contains:

Fleece in Dijon

Collar in Jaffa

Tee in Melon

Toy is Candice the Carrot

Blanket in Dijon, Orange and Red

Please choose the pack for the time of year you are getting your puppy and allow up to 2 weeks for delivery:

Summer arrivals – the Tee will be in the smallest size, the fleece to grow into for autumn

Winter arrivals – the Fleece will be in the smallest size, the Tee to grow into for spring

We know that there is a LOT of expense when you get a puppy and we are here to help, by purchasing our Puppy Pack for £99 you will make a saving of up to £14.95 on purchasing each item separately, and we are throwing in the treats and toy for FREE! Easing you gently into life with a breed that has clothing needs! 





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