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Puppy Pack - Lights (Boys)


On the Go Info

We know that there's a LOT of expense when you get a whippet puppy and we're here to help, by purchasing our Puppy Pack for £99 you will make a saving of up to £14.95 on purchasing each item separately and we are throwing in the treats and toy for FREE! Easing you gently into life with a breed that has clothing needs!  No need to guess what you pup will need, we've worked it all out for you. Our Puppy Packs contain the main items you'll need for the first 6 months of your whippet's life. Whippets have special clothing and comfort needs, not always known to new whippet owners. Our Puppy Packs include their first jumper, tee, collar and blanket - enough to see you through to around 6 months, by then you'll have a better idea of what your new companion will need and you can choose from our main ranges. We've thrown in an eco toy and some training treats soon - you just need to decide what colours you love most!


  • A selection of puppy essentials in light pastel shades
  • Jumper for first walks and outdoor toilet training
  • Tee shirt for chilly nights and lounging around
  • Cosy blanket for snuggles, warmth and training
  • Soft leather collar for id tag and first walks
  • Eco toy to play with and chew on
  • Training treats for puppy bribery

Product Details

  • Pack includes one item for now and one to grow into
  • A selection for soft pastel hues
  • Fleece jumper and blanket, cotton tee
  • Clothing and Blanket washable at 30 degrees
  • Created in our Kent studio by skilled hands
  • Shipped worldwide
  • No fuss return policy


Check our sizes here.


What size should I select?

There's no need to worry about sizes, we've worked that all out. Just let us know if you have a Summer or Winter pup and we'll do the rest.

How long will the collar fit? and is it suitable for walking?

In general, this puppy collar should fit up to 6 months. Those first walks with your pup won't be long ones and this collar is ideal when they are cautious, it won't withstand lots of pulling.

Top Tip

Try to be organised and order your Puppy Pack before you bring pup home. If you are able to send the blanket to the breeder it helps pup settle if they have something with the scent of their siblings and mum on.

Style It Up

Be sure to take lots of photos of your pup looking stylish in their first clothes. Nobody ever tires of a pup looking cute in their first jumper!

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