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Puppy's First Collar


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Introduce your whippet puppy to the world with our soft leather artisan made collar. Narrow, light and easy for tiny puppy necks to wear for early outdoor adventures. Our puppy collars will get your pup used to wearing a collar and are the perfect place to display their id tags in style. And to toilet train on a lead. Choose from a palette of soft colours, with jumpers to match.


  • Soft Leather Artisan Collar
  • Perfect for first adventures outside the home
  • Suede lined and comfortable on little necks
  • Beautiful Brass fittings
  • Ideal to display id tag for harness wearers
  • Great for on lead toilet training in the garden

Product Details

  • Fits 22cm - 29 cm necks
  • Soft palette of 5 colours
  • Leather upper, suede lining, brass fittings
  • Treat with leather conditioner
  • Made in Devon
  • Shipped worldwide
  • No fuss return policy


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I plan to use a harness, why would I need a collar for my puppy whippet?

Using a harness is a good idea but you still need to have an id tag on your dog while outside the home. It's a legal requirement for all dogs.

What age should my puppy start to wear a collar?

Even around the house it's good to get your pup used to wearing a collar. This soft leather one is lightweight and easy to wear for pups over 8 weeks. Take it off pup at night.

Top Tip

Our soft leather collars are perfect for those first weeks with your whippet. We recommend using a leather treatment to keep the leather soft and clean.


Style It Up

All our puppy collars are made to co-ordinate with one of our Puppy's first Jumper so you can kit your pup out from the get go!

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