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Hole in Yellow Fleece patched with a HeartFixed stitching that had come loose, re-sewn the strap, and a general brush and spruce up.Hole in Yellow Whip-it-Away Mac - small tear fixed with a patchHarness hole coatBritish Millerain Waxed Cotton Dressing - use on Redhound wax cotton coats and walking bagsRichmond Whippet Coat with Striped Belt, secured with Brass D-Rings

Have you got a trusty Redhound coat that has been so loved that it needs a little TLC? A coat you can’t justify replacing because there is plenty of life left in it but it just needs a patch or two, or a new belt? Or a rewax? Perhaps your dog has got friendly with the brambles and ripped a hole in his favourite fleece jumper?

You may not have the sewing skills to tackle these jobs, but we do! Your item won’t be perfect but it will be functional and ready for more enjoyable adventures with your whippet.

Please follow the instructions below…



Let us help…

Most issues are just a simple fix for us, but obviously there will be some problems that are not repairable. For this reason, it is imperative that you send us a photo and description of the repair using the contact form below before you send the garment into us.

If it is something we can help with, we will reply with a rating: your repair will fall into a category of A, B or C which each have costs accordingly (see table below).

Once your repair is approved and graded simply pay for the correct Repair Category by popping it into the basket from the drop down menu, head through to checkout and complete the order then post the item to us. Don’t forget to include your name and address in the parcel for its safe return, and refer to the order number allocated when you purchased the repair (or if you have a printer, include a copy of your repair order).

Category A – These are simple repairs like re-attaching a belt, a loose thread, patching a small hole. Cost £10.00 plus p&p

Category B – For more involved repairs: any of the above plus a rebinding coat edges. Cost £15.00 plus p&p

Category C – General spruce up and re-wax  (wax coats only). Cost £10.00 plus p&p

We can’t work miracles, but if we can fix it we will. Please send us a photo of the item so we can assess it for you.

Here are the easy steps to order your repair :

  1. Send us a photo and description of the repair using the contact form below.
  2. We will reply confirming if we can help, and we will grade your repair A, B or C accordingly
  3. Once we have graded your repair, please purchase the correct category by adding it to the basket, head to the checkout and pay.
  4. Post the item to us. Remember to include your name and address and the Order Number (generated by step 3 above).
  5. Once repaired, the item will be posted back to you*.  You will have paid for the return postage in step 3.
  6. Continue to get plenty more use from your hound’s beloved garment

* Please allow time for the repair. We will fix your items as quickly as we can, but please be aware that at busy times of year this could possibly take up to 14 working days.

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