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Soft Rope Leads with Coloured Whipping


Soft Rope Leads with accents in Mist, Turquoise, Pistachio and PurpleSoft Rope Lead with Turquoise WhippingSoft Rope Lead with Turquoise Whipping & Turquoise Soft Leather Hound CollarSoft Rope Lead with Purple WhippingSoft Rope Lead with Purple Whipping & Purple Soft Leather Hound CollarSoft Rope Lead with Pistachio WhippingSoft Rope Lead with Pistachio Whipping & Pistachio Soft Leather Hound CollarSoft Rope Lead with Mist WhippingSoft Rope Lead with Mist Whipping & Mist Soft Leather Hound CollarSoft Rope Leads with accents in Mist, Turquoise, Pistachio and Purple. Brass ClipsYorkshire whippet coat in Teal, with soft rope lead and leather hound collar in TurquoiseYorkshire Washable Whippet Coat in Teal

Our beautiful, British-made Soft Rope Leads with Coloured Whipping will add colour and style to your walk.

We all know a high-quality, hard-wearing lead is an essential, but why not add a touch of colour and co-ordinate with a matching soft leather collar.

Take advantage of our combo offer – save money by purchasing the lead together with our co-ordinated soft leather hound collar a the same time.




We have hunted for the perfect lead for you and your whippet. We think these stylish, yet practical, soft rope leads are ideal and will co-ordinate perfectly with our range of soft Leather Collars for Hounds.

Handmade from spun polyester rope, these leads are finished with a coloured microcord whipping  to prevent fraying whilst providing accents of colour. They are the best of both worlds – soft like cotton rope, but durable and even washable like nylon. As always, we try to ensure all our products are British Made and of the highest quality. They are hardwearing, which is essential as they will be used several times each day.

Available in a range of four colours Mist, Turquoise, Purple and Pistachio.

Our leads are 10mm thick and  96cm (38 inches) long.

  • Handmade in Suffolk
  • Natural coloured Soft Rope measuring 96cms, 38″ with contrasting trim
  • British Brass clips and rings
  • Machine washable in a pillow case to protect your washing machine drum!
  • A great length for town or country lead walks
  • Colours to match our Mist, Purple, Pistachio and Turquoise collars

Look stylish with the lead alone, but why not save money by also purchasing a co-ordinated soft leather collar at the same time. Our collars are available in three sizes:

Small Whippet 10″ – 13″ and 1.5″ at widest

Medium Whippet  11.5″ – 13.5″ and 1.5″ at widest

Lurcher 13.5″ – 17″ and 1.5″ at widest (this will also fit a greyhound.)

Don’t forget we also sell Scrabble Letter Collar Tags.

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