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Sew Your Own Dog Coat Pattern


Super Small Dog - Sew Your Own Dog Coat PatternDog Coat Pattern2017 Super Small Dog PatternDog Coat PatternDog Coat PatternSew Your Own Dog Coat Pattern 2017

Are you a dog loving sewer who has always wanted to make your dog a coat that fits properly? Do you want to be able to choose a fabric to suit your dog’s personality, and look different from all others in the park? Then our Sew Your Own Dog Coat Pattern is ideal for you!

Each pattern pack contains three size variations with full instructions and fabric suggestions. Let your imagination run free. Choose from Super Small Dog, Wonderful Whippet or Lovely Long Dog.

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When I first got Bruno as a puppy it didn’t take me long to realise that standard coats just didn’t fit him. I would have loved to have found this Sew Your Own Dog Coat Pattern at the time so that I could have made him a stylish coat when he was a pup, a slightly bigger one when he was a teenager and an adult sized one when he was fully grown! With this in mind I developed this product so that those who are keen to sew can create individual coats for their own dogs.

Each dog coat pattern is printed on sturdy paper with clear markings, with each size printed individually, so if you have an Italian Greyhound and a Whippet you can cut each one out separately without having to trace the bigger one before you cut the smaller one. We include clear colour instructions, and a step by step guide to making your dog’s coat.

We suggest fabrics but encourage you to use your imagination.  The fabrics that I have selected for the photographs were all purchased at my local fabric shop, and I encourage you to go along to yours and support these great shops, or if you don’t have one near by, sewing magazines like Simply Sewing are a great source of contacts for online stores not to mention hot tips and techniques that will polish up your skills. However, if your sewing room is anything like mine you will have a pile of fabric just sitting there waiting to be cut and sewn!

Happy Sewing!

Please note, this pattern is for personal use only and our copyright is protected. We don’t mind if you want to make the odd coat for your friends dog, or even if you want to make some for a local rescue centre, but using them to sell commercially is where our copyright is breached. 


Super Small Dog will typically fit Toy Poodle to Spaniel Sized Dogs
(Length 33-47cm, Chest 44-60cms, Neck 36-44cms)

Wonderful Whippet will typically fit Italian Greyhounds to Medium Size Whippets
(Length 42-56cm, Chest 44-60cms, Neck 32-40cms)

Lovely Long Dog will typically fit Large Whippets to Greyhounds
(Length 62-77cm, Chest 72-80cms, Neck 44-48cms)


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Lovely Long Dog, Super Small Dog, Wonderful Whippet


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