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Stripe Tee Shirt for Whippets


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Do you love stripes? Does your dog feel the cold when there is a nip in the air?

Our Stripe Tee Shirt for Whippets is the ideal light layer - worn on it's own or under one of our coats. Made from Organic Cotton, knitted right here in England, it is super soft, stretchy and will machine wash a treat. So, if you are crazy about stripes, this is the tee for your hound!

Now available in 5 sizes – from Italian Greyhound to Large Whippet SELECT the LONG LENGTH to be the same as our Fleece Jumpers - the shorter REGULAR length is being phased out. 


Product Description

FINALLY available again, our British supplier switched production to PPE during the lockdown and is now up an knitting fabric again, so the wait has been worth it.

Are you a fan of the stripe tee? The Breton top is a design classic loved by many worldwide, and now your hound can own one too!

Our Stripe Tee Shirt for Whippets is the ideal light layer for those months when it is too warm for a fleece or wool jumper but you feel that your dog would benefit from wearing a tee shirt.

Why would my whippet need a tee shirt?

  • It is the perfect light layer for days when there is a nip in the air
  • It will be comfortable for your hound to snooze in the day or sleep all night
  • It is ideal for long outdoor summer evenings, when the sun goes down
  • It could also provide some protection against licking if your dog is injured
  • It can be soaked down in cold water and put on your dog to cool down

This Tee shirt has our unique elastic facing to ensure a snug fit into the slim tummy area, and two classic colours are on offer - Red/Ecru or Navy/Ecru.

Our Tee shirts are designed to fall short of the top of the tail – very important for the boys – PLEASE select the LONG version which are the same as our Fleece Jumpers are now.  We are phasing out the REGULAR which is shorter and have very limited stock available.

Please take a look at our YouTube channel as we have a video on how our Whippet Tees should fit.   Don't forget to give us a like and subscribe as new videos will be added all the time.

What size should I order for my Whippet?




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