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The Luxuries Box: Darks


Co-ordinate your whippets Working Wardrobe by choosing a colour scheme and sticking to it!

With SO much choice out there for whippet clothing it can be overwhelming when deciding what to buy. Overcome this by choosing a colour scheme that you love – whippets suit most colours and aren’t going to complain if you choose the wrong shade of orange – then you can build on it within that range resulting in a co-ordinated wardrobe of key pieces that your dog will get the most wear out of – giving you the best value for money.

Product Description

Do you have a Senior Plodder? Have you recently let an oldie into your life and onto your sofa? This Luxuries Box has been put together with your senior hound in mind.

Whippets have some basic clothing needs. Clothing that will keep them warm and dry in the kind of weather your whippet will give you attitude about if expected to go out naked! By sticking to one colour scheme it will focus your purchasing avoiding buying items your whippet doesn't need.

Why choose the Luxuries Box?

This selection is well suited to older, more senior whippets – those who are less in need of a washable coat – they can be trusted to not cover a beautiful Wiltshire Wax Cotton Coat in fox poo, need a warm layer at night and appreciate a bit of luxury. It’s the box Bruno would have loved in his dotage.

We aren’t saying it’s only for oldies – if you have a City Fashionista this is also a great capsule wardrobe. All are best selling items that give the most wearability. You can add a Tee Shirt to go underneath the coat or a Pet-Shirt, but by choosing a box of curated items hopefully you will stop making clothing choices that just sit in the cupboard, collecting dust and wasting money.

Why choose the Darks?

• You love classic colours
• Great for light coated hounds
• All your other whippet clothes are dark

What’s in the Darks Luxuries Box?

Collar and Lead in Mist – a soft leather collar, that if treated well will last, complete with matching rope lead. Both have brass fittings for a classic look.

The Wiltshire Wax Coat in Navy– a classic dark colour, fully waterproof whippet coat in a stylish, unique, wrap neck design.

Velour Jumper in Chambray – the ultimate in luxury for lounging around on your sofa or snuggled in a cosy bed – this jumper is a roomy fit making it easy to get on and off, super stretchy so even creaky bones won’t struggle.

Pet-Shirt in Jeans Blue – a really useful jumper for Spring and Autumn walks, when the temperature drops and your dog is feeling the chill. It has short legs to keep the chills out and can be layered over other jumpers or tees for extra warmth and wearability.

How do you make these pieces work?

The coat has a snug neck but can be worn with a light tee shirt underneath, and the double layer of wax cotton is warmer than it looks.

The Velour Jumper can also be worn over a tee, or solo for those snoozes, it’s a roomy fit so you will be able to layer it over PJ’s if you have them, or take a look at our Long Leg Tees.

The Pet-Shirt is a great in between season jumper – when spring is still cool and autumn not so warm. Good for walks, socialising or snoozing.
The lead and collar will be worn all year round and if looked after will give the best value in a cost per wear calculation.

What about sizes?

Working Wardrobe boxes are offered in 3 adult sizes: Small, Medium and Large

Small – whippets who are crossed with Italian greyhounds or are just small, up to 10kgs with a back length of 19”.

Medium – whippets of average size, boys and girls, up to 15kgs with back length of 22”

Large – whippets on the bigger side, boys or maybe girls crossed with salukis, up to 19kgs with back length of 24”.

If you have any questions about sizing please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All items are boxed up in cardboard, no plastic in this selection so choosing this selection is kind to the environment and the added bonus of a small discount over individual purchases.

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