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Travel Pack for Dogs


Do you enjoy days out with your dog?

Does your dog hate sitting on hard floors?

Do you go camping with your dog?

If the answer to any of these is yes,  you will need a few essentials to make life easier for you and your dog.

We have made it easy by putting a selection of essentials in one bag to pack and go! Blanket and treat selection is random, so if you have a preference for Dark or Bright blanket, bones or treats please let us know in the comments when you order. 



Do you have a dog that won’t settle on a hard floor when you go out to your favourite cafe or pub? Or a dog that gets cold on chilly nights in a tent when camping? if so you will love our Travel Pack for Dogs.

With a retail value from £42.00 – £45.50 we can offer this lovely travel pack for dogs for just £39.00 plus p&p.

How many times have you been caught out because your dog refuses to drink from a bowl that another dog has drunk from whilst out and about? Have you needed to amuse your dog while trying to have a relaxing meal out in a dog friendly pub?

We have encountered all of the above over the years with our whippets and I’m willing to bet that you have too!

So, what do you need?

  • a cosy fleece blanket
  • a collapsible water bowl
  • a toy to stuff with treats
  • roll of poo bags
  • chewy bones or tasty treats

We have put all of this together for you in one handy bag!

Your bag will come with a dark or bright blanket – subject to availability – if you have a prefernce please let us know in the comments box when you complete your order. These blankets are made from the off cuts of our fleece jumpers so stock very much depends on what we have been cutting at the time. With 21 colours of fleece jumpers available the combinations of 3 used in the blankets is endless.

The bowl, toy and poo bags are from the lovely people at Beco Pets – made from silicone the bowl is soft, durable and ideal for travelling. The toy – the Beco Bone – is made from natural rubber for durability.  The poo bags are made from bidegradable material and the roll they come on is cardboard not plastic. They even get a five star review – they are so good!

Chewy Bones and Tasty Treats are from our friends at Billy and Margot – the dried venison bones are the most tasty and least smelly bones we have ever given to our dogs. They give hours of entertainment, they stay dry and are great to be picked up and put down many times. The marrow bone provides a yummy treat for dogs with delicate tummies too.  The treats are air dried venison sausage – I have yet to meet a dog that doesn’t like them! You could cut them up and put them in the Beco Bone.

We’ve even thrown in a handy recipe for Lamb Stew to Share to make on a campfire, together with a few helpful tips for Camping with Dogs.

If you want to read about our adventures and tips for camping with dogs, have  a look at our blog posts:

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