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Two Tone Hoodie Fleece for Whippets


In 2020 we celebrate our 10th business birthday and  it only seemed right to add a couple of new Fleece Jumper designs – The Hoodie Two Tone is one of them.

It might be the perfect lounge wear for your hound, they certainly seem to look more stylish on whippets than most humans! Winnie has run around in hers and it seems to stay for the most part in place, but if you have two that like to play bitey neck it might not be ideal! Likewise if your whippet really likes to zoom about and you are concerned it will go over the eyes maybe look at the Wrap Neck Two Tone.

If you could only purchase one item of clothing for your hound, I would strongly suggest any of our Fleece Jumpers for Whippets, the item your dog will get most wear out of as it’s ideal for your hound all year round.

Certainly it is the most used item in our house. Perfect for cold nights, chilly walks, and camping trips! This fleece jumper will keep your dog dry in drizzle, or light snow, but please remember, it is not ‘waterproof’ but is an ideal extra layer under many of our coats.


Product Description

Welcome to the Two Tones - why have one colour when you can have two? 

We have 3 gorgeous colour combinations with Camel as the base colour:

Camel with Baby Pink – a dreamy feminine feel

Camel with Navy – a totally classic look

Camel with Duck Egg – a soft pleasing palette

Or you might prefer our 3 beautiful colour combinations with Charcoal as the base colour:

Charcoal with Cornflower – a fresh combination

Charcoal with Yellow – a fun bright look

Charcoal with Light Grey – a minimalist look

This all new Hoodie Fleece Jumper is ideal if you walk with a collar and lead, as the opening makes clipping on and off lead super easy. It won’t restrict your dog having fun, it’s one they could run around in, plod along in or simply snooze in.

As with our original Roll Neck jumpers a harness can easily be worn over the top.

It’s super easy to wash when you return from a muddy walk or when your dog has enjoyed a roll in a pile of smelly stuff! It can be freshly laundered and ready for the next day’s walk with relative ease.

So, to recap, our Hoodie fleece jumpers are:

  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Available in 6 colour combinations
  • From Italian Greyhound to Small Galgo
  • Made from super soft anti pill fleece
  • Hand made in Kent
  • Shaped to fit your hounds body
  • Elastic under panel for snug fit
  • Long neck
  • Washable at 30 degrees
  • Dries quickly
  • Available in longer lengths

Please note that our Fleece Jumpers are not designed to come all the way to the top of the tail, they sit around 10cms (4″) short of it – but you can now order 2” extra length if you like a longer jumper but  for boys bear in mind their anatomy!

And remember, the fabric has a good amount of stretch in it, so this is a guide to sizing. If you are worried that your dog does not fit our sizing, you might find this blog useful to read.

What size should I order for my Whippet?



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